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Bandwidth : The bane of our life…

Keith Adams

AROnline's bandwith use might be on the way down

AROnline's bandwith use might be on the way down

Regular followers of AROnline‘s social media feeds will know that, once again, we’ve had a few battles with our site’s host thanks to the old bandwidth issue which eventually led to us kicked off However, unlike last time where we were told to leave – and that was it, the reseller we’ve partnered with, DBN Web Design, worked with us to come to a solution.

Fortunately, it looks as though we may well have found one.

After a few tweaks and adjustments, it appears that consumption is on its way down without affecting the site’s 200,000 or so users. However, along with the redesign that’s ongoing, you might still find there are a few issues with the way things are displayed or the service in general. Please drop me a line ( if you do have any problems and I’ll look in to things for you.

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  1. Mike Humble Mike Humble says:

    Great news!

    I’m so glad it’s sorted (once more).

  2. Keith Adams Keith Adams says:

    We’re not out of the woods yet, but there’s lots of background stuff going on…


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