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Finally a classic car…

Alexander Boucke

My Maxi’s orginal number plate – it’s been on the car since 1993.

The waiting is over – my blue Maxi is now officially classed as an historic vehicle!

When the special registration for historic vehicles was introduced here in Germany in 1997, it still seemed a very long way to go for my Maxi to be able to apply for this – the car needs to be 30 years or older and my Maxi was still in it’s teen years back then. However, early this June, the Maxi and I waited in front of a TÜV (MOT) Testing Station – and, because the car had just turned 30, it was not just for one of the bi-annual tests, but also for the extended check of condition to see whether the Maxi fulfilled the requirements for a historic car. I am pleased to say that  the Maxi passed without any fails and a single advisory. Yay!

I then had to visit the registration office for a set of new car documents and, some new number plates later (and a few Euros less in my wallet), I have this:

What did I gain apart from the extra hassle? The biggest difference will be the tax: down to 192 Euros from well over 400 per year. Additionally, any restrictions on travel into low emission zones do not apply any more. Even if I think that these modern plates do look a bit strange on older cars, I think it’s a small price to pay.

Now I’m looking forward to the next few decades of Maxi-motoring…

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  1. Ianto Ian Langfield says:

    Wow, a set of German number plates and the Maxi looks uber cool!

  2. Alexander Boucke A Boucke says:

    Thanks! I’d never thought that either my Maxi or its plates would be considered cool – never mind the combination of both 🙂

  3. Ianto Ian Langfield says:

    I think the colour also helps.

  4. Shep says:

    @Ian Langfield
    I think that all of the 1970s BL offerings look pretty good in light metallic colours 🙂

  5. Kev Sharp says:

    I only have to wait until next April and then I, too, can drive my Maxi into German cities again. At the moment, my nearest big city is Hanover and, currently, I have to park outside the Umwelt zone and catch a Tram in.

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