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Around the World : Bulgaria

Updated: There was an operation to build Maestros in Bulgaria, and we have the full and exclusive story of how it came together. Thanks to ex-Rover Group and BAe executives, we have been able to piece together the story of the Roadacar assembly operation in Bulgaria and conclude why it failed in the way it did. […]

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Around the World : Columbia

A little-known incursion by BMC under the marque Austin into the South American continent was the assembly of Austin commercial vehicles and Gipsy off road cars in a factory near Bogotá, in Colombia, in the […]

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Around the World : Chile

Chile’s BMC operation remained a specialist small-scale facility throughout its lifetime. However, what marked out Chilean Minis and ADO16s from their counterparts from across the globe was that they were produced in fibreglass… Story told […]

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Around the World : Ireland

Ireland was an interesting market for BMC>Rover as, for a short while, not only were they importers, but they were a CKD assembly operation. Andrew Ryan takes up the story… The spares and service depot […]

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Around the World : Spain

Prompted by Spanish Government initiatives to promote industrialisation, Rover and BMC independently embarked on Spanish ventures. Authi A couple of years before the merger that would bring Rover and BMH into the same fold, BMC […]

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Around the World : Australia

After the formation of BMC, Australia became an increasingly important market for the company, with models imported from the UK giving way firstly to local assembly of CKD (completely knocked down) kits, and later full […]

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Around the World : Argentina

Briefly popular in Argentina and an iconic addition to the scenery of Buenos Aires, the Siam di Tella story is another of those BMC defeats-from-failure that litters the 1950s and 1960s… Words: Federico Raffo, Auto Test […]

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In production : Seneffe

BL Belgium press kit: Celebration of the 500,000th car assembled in Seneffe, 10 May 1977 // Translation by Dimitri Urbain, original material supplied by André Vermeersch The Seneffe plant is the main British Leyland investment […]


BMC 1100/1300 : Australian variations

The Australian market featured a number of interesting variations on the ADO16 theme that we didn’t get in the home market. The most fascinating was the five-door Nomad, which might have kick-started the hatchback family car market years before the arrival of the Volkswagen Golf… or negated the need for the Austin Maxi. […]