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Project HHR Update : More testing times

My rowdy Rover mid journey between Nottinghamshire & West Sussex with back up Golf behind

The run out 420 iL has behaved impeccably so far, with many of the initial foibles now banished to history. Here’s the story so far… Words and Photographs: Mike Humble I will be the first to admit that the later HHR-shape 400 was never a car I would have normally considered buying owing to my deep […]

Ford’s new small engine : Now for the great perhaps…

For B-Max will be powered by a revolutionary British-built and designed petrol triple.

Robert Leitch AROnline’s readers may well have noticed that there’s a bit of a UK motor industry resurgence going on at the moment. The MINI, Nissan, and Jaguar announcements seem to have overshadowed Ford’s teasing first glimpse of the Dunton-developed three cylinder EcoBoost.