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The cars : Alfa Romeo Alfasud


Keith Adams THE MAJOR players in the car industry were making giant strides in 1971. In the mid-market, Ford had been doing all the running with its ultra-successful Cortina and Escort – conservative cars produced to meet the demands of fleet buyers. Mechanical straightforwardness was seen as a positive advantage – fleet managers had been […]

The cars : Austin A30/A35


Keith Adams IMMEDIATELY post-war, government policy meant that Austin’s inability to replace the Seven left Longbridge producing bigger cars tailored for the American market – great for profit and loss, not so good for those people desperately seeking mobility.

The cars : Jaguar XJ6/XJ12


Simply the best IF one were to draw up a list of the greatest British cars of all time, by just about any criteria the Jaguar XJ6/12 would be included. During a production run that spanned more than two decades, it was frequently acclaimed as the greatest car in the world. And yet, there was […]

The cars : Rover P5

Rover P5B

Keith Adams/Ian Nicholls ONE of the most replayed television clips of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, is of her arriving at 10 Downing Street, having triumphed in the May 1979 General Election – her transport was a Rover P5B. Considering the car had been out of production for not far shy of a decade, […]

In-house designs : Triumph SD2


Keith Adams The SD2 was the logical next step in the rejuvination of the Specialist Division’s range of cars. The plan had been kicked off in 1969/70, when Rover and Triumph produced their own big car proposals; of which the Rover version, penned by David Bache, was chosen over the Triumph Puma, as penned by […]

Concepts : BMC 9X

1969 Mini 9X prototype

Sheer Genius SOMETIMES, a crisis can truly focus the thoughts of an individual – and in the case of Issigonis, a proven and gifted designer, the Suez crisis had proven this to be the case. From the Leonard Lord edict to design a car to meet the fuel crisis head-on, a true stroke of genius […]