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The cars : TVR Tasmin


Wedgetastic! THE mid- to late-1970s were an exciting time for the British specialist car industry. Following the slump in sales and manufacture following the imposition of VAT on all kit cars in 1973, which shut down a number of well-established sports car companies, and then the general slump that followed in the wake of the […]

The cars : AC 3000ME


So nearly there… IT STARTED with a concept. And that was sired from an idea. Which was borne out of competition. Yes, like all good cars in life the AC 3000ME might have endured something of a convoluted path to production, but there’s real pedigree in its conception.

It’s been a funny few weeks…

A Jaguar XJ wearing German plates, yesterday...

Keith Adams I must admit that I’ve not been blogging as much as I should recently – put it down to the sheer amount of workload on my desk and the finite number of hours I get to play with.