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MGF : Farewell my lovely

Driving the MGF to its new owner

Keith Adams Well, it didn’t last long. My period of MGF ownership lasted a matter of weeks and, if I’m honest, I’m pretty sad to see the old girl go. Unfortunately, sometimes, space gets in the way -  that and the need for some practicality. However, in those few short weeks, I came to the […]

First Drive : Lotus Evora IPS


Keith Adams An amazing thing happened back in 2008  - global sales of two-pedal cars overtook their three-pedal counterparts. Roads have become more congested and so fewer people want the bother of a clutch. That’s why so many supercars are fitted with paddle-shifters – and why Lotus has launched the Evora IPS – Intelligent Precision Shift. IPS adds £1800 […]

In memoriam : Alfa Romeo Arna

Alfa Romeo ARNA

Keith Adams The first in a series of features about extinct cars in the UK, according to data supplied by the brilliant How Many Left? website based on DVLA data. 1: Alfa Romeo Arna – died out in 2007 Motor industry commentators often cite the Alfa Romeo Arna as a perfect example of how not to combine […]