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The cars : Ford Cortina


The one to beat… IN the brave new world of 1960s Britain, there was an admirable back-to-the-wall can-do mentality, it must have seemed that anything was possible. Ford certainly thought so, given that the Cortina project only really came together in 1960, following a three month consultation resulting in the definitive full-sized clay, before going […]

AROnline : Roadworks ahead

Some diversions ahead for AROnline

Keith Adams Regular readers can’t have failed to notice that AROnline‘s design is slowly changing. We’ve been fiddling with the WordPress element of the site to improve functionality with the intention so that we can slowly move the content onto this CMS-alike system. There are many reasons for this, but the most necessary one is for multi-user administration… […]

The cars : Bond Equipe


Bond Equipe – From Preston with love Andrew Elphick MENTION the name ‘Bond Cars’ to the average man in the street, and more than likely the conversation will spiral in one of two ways – you’ll either hear all about Ian Fleming’s finest creation in his sublime Aston Martin DB5 (or aquatic Lotus), or the […]

The cars : Rover P6


Revolution, not evolution In an era where manufacturers will spend huge amounts of time cultivating their image, ensuring that they do not stray too far from their designated market slots, and that any new products that do represent a step into the unknown, are market researched to the nth degree, it is hard to relate […]

Engines : Rover V8


An heroic engine During the late 1950s, the US car industry turned to aluminium as a material to build their engines from. The reasons for this have been well documented, but primarily it was the quest for lighter weight and greater efficiency that led the producers to choose this route. One such manufacturer who embraced […]

Projects and prototypes: Rover P6


Front and rear suspension Styling sketch Scale models Interior schemes Full-sized clays The final stages… All pictures supplied by Ian Nicholls

The cars : Matra-Rancho

On the style trial France’s first serious attempt at a multi-purpose utility vehicle came not from one of its major car companies but from Matra, one of the few small-scale specialist producers based in the country. The Rancho was a result of Matra’s growing confidence from being under the corporate wing of Chrysler. The Bagheera […]

Crayford Estoura : Rover P6 five-door


While Triumph enjoyed considerable success with the estate version of the 2000 saloon, Rover seemed happy to leave that sector of the market entirely open to their old rival. However, Battersea-based coachbuilders FLM Panelcraft picked up Rover’s dropped ball and produced their own estate conversion of the highly successful P6. Around 160 examples were bult, […]