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The cars : Argyll Turbo GT


On the trail of the enigmatic Argyll Robert Leitch WHO says the ‘Car Guessing Game’ is no more than a bit of pointless froth? Not long ago, in a Celtic riposte on this now-defunct forum game to the all-conquering Aussies, I posted up a picture of part of the Argyll Turbo GT, built just ten […]

The cars : Trident Clipper


Suffolk Punch – the Trident tale Andrew Elphick BANKUCPTCY has sired many great sports car fables over the years. You only have to delve into the history of Aston-Martin, De Lorean, Jensen, and Marcos to see that hard times have almost always ended up resulting in a very unhappy ending – and the more glamorous […]

The cars : Jaguar E-type development history


Quantum leap ALTHOUGH automotive styling is subjective, the one vehicle that seems to top more opinion polls naming the most beautiful car in the world, the Jaguar E-type. Styled mainly by aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer, with significant input by Sir William Lyons, the car caused a sensation when it was unveiled in 1961. For many, it’s […]