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Concepts : Rover P8/P9


A vital opportunity lost? In 1966, the Rover car company literally had the world at its feet: In the shape of the design team led by David Bache and engineering department headed up by Spen King, the company had arguably the strongest development team of any British car company in post-war automotive history. Rover was […]

Concepts : Rover P8 gallery


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Essays : P76 vs P8 vs SD1


Oh, so similar under the skin? THE conspiracy theory is a great thing, don’t you think? Usually conjured up by fertile imaginations, conspiracy theories are used to explain away conventional wisdoms, and in doing so, challenge what we hold close to our hearts as solid facts. Take for instance, the Rover 75 – for years […]

Concepts : Rover P7


The missing link ALTHOUGH the Rover P6 had been launched to ecstatic reviews in late-1963, the main gripe the media had about the car was the lack of refinement from its 1978cc four-cylinder engine. Existing Rover models such as the P4 and P5 had smoother six-cylinder engines, as indeed did the cars from Coventry upstart, […]

Blog : The Rover 75 – an endangered species…

Rover 75

Keith Adams It seems hard to believe that it’s coming up to 13 years since the Rover 75′s fateful launch at the 1998 Birmingham Motor Show. Anyone who was at the unveiling will never forget the way that the then head of BMW, Bernd Pischetsrieder, unveiled the car and then torpedoed its launch by questioning […]

Silence is golden? Well, British Racing Green actually!

All mechanical work completed - The HHR is now on the road!

All the bugs have been banished on the bargain Project HHR 420 following a delivery of a large bent metal pipe. Summer is here - time to enjoy! Words and Photographs: Mike Humble Funny isn’t it when the Postman knocks on your door? Your heart skips a beat in anticipation of a letter from a long […]

Bandwidth : The bane of our life…

AROnline's bandwith use might be on the way down

Keith Adams Regular followers of AROnline‘s social media feeds will know that, once again, we’ve had a few battles with our site’s host thanks to the old bandwidth issue which eventually led to us kicked off However, unlike last time where we were told to leave – and that was it, the reseller we’ve partnered […]