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Blog : Bent-Eight Marinas

Morris Marina V8

Ian Elliott In the recent thread about 2-litre Itals/Marinas, the subject of V8-engined Marinas was brought up. If I have rambled about this in any previous AROnline submission, I apologise, but here goes: Stuffing V8s into small, unsuspecting family cars is a long-practiced amusement of the hot-rodding fraternity, and the more unlikely the starting point, […]

Sales Talk : Fuel the passion and plant the seed!

The slighty surreal Citroen GS - Ever since watching one rise to it's feet 35 years ago, I was hooked!

AROnline peeps behind the office door in the car showroom to see what skeletons lurk in the shadows: Mike Humble pays respect to the many people who inspired and nurtured his young passion for the motor trade rather than kicking him out of the showroom, while reckoning some sales staff of today, could stop and think about […]

Sales Talk : The Part Ex Expectation.

The Citroen ZX - One of the few cars to make drowning in cold gravy seem a better option!

Uncovering the myths and incidents behind those showroom windows with a light hearted view! When it comes to part exchange valuations, everyone considers their car to be top book and mint condition. Of course, it’s a salemans job to give as little away as possible, but you would be amazed at what people expect their unwanted […]