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Blog : Middle Eastern MG encounter


Keith Adams One of the frustrating aspects of my past few months’ captivity due to my broken bones has been my inability to travel. Don’t get me wrong, I like being at home, working in the office and taking gentle strolls in the green and pleasant meadows of middle England, but I love travelling more. […]

Blog : Clubbed to death

Neglected and sorry looking Club 100.

Kevin Davis The Princess Club 100 Special is surely the rarest of rare Princesses, rarer, even, than the much sought after Wolseley. The Club 100 was an internal Austin-Morris product brought about by the need to provide a car for their top 100 performing dealer principals, known as the ‘Club 100’. Rewards typically included holidays […]

Features : Motor insurance – getting to know you


AROnline’s very own insurance expert and man in the industry, Mark Mastrototaro, explains how insurance works, and why it sometimes seems unfair when your policy renewal comes in and it’s not as little as you’d expect. He joins the team to answer your insurance questions. Read, digest and get ready with your questions! Frequently asked […]