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Unsung Heroes : Triumph AcclaimMini overseas : VenezuelaConcepts and prototypes : Jaguar XFThe cars : BMC 1800/2200 development historyThe cars : Rover 200/400 development historyThe cars : Ford CapriSupermini projects : ADO74The cars : Hillman Imp
Unsung Heroes : Triumph Acclaim
Mini overseas : Venezuela
Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XF
The cars : BMC 1800/2200 development history
The cars : Rover 200/400 development history
The cars : Ford Capri
Supermini projects : ADO74
The cars : Hillman Imp

Blog : Hard Shoulder Hazard for Classics


Andrew Elphick On a long trip in your classic, the one thing you cross your fingers over is the threat of failing to proceed. It happens to us all at one point, always in the most inconvenient location. The dreaded breakdown. Until 14 April, had you been on one of the nation’s busiest motorways at […]

News : 3800-mile ERA Mini Turbo at auction this weekend

ERA Mini (1)

It’s not often that a ERA Mini Turbo comes to open market – so when we saw this one, we had to draw it to your attention. It goes on sale with Bonhams in Oxford on 28 April, and has an estimate of £14,000-17,000. The car, as you can read on these pages, was a […]

Blog : Loving the New Bus for London

New Bus for London - Picture TfL

Keith Adams If you’ve not been in London for a while, don’t particularly care for the big city, or haven’t been hooked into popular media for a couple of years, the arrival of a new bus in London to replace the old Mercedes-Benz ‘bendy-buses’ might well have passed you by. For the rest of us, […]

Technician’s Update : The S-Express


Mike Humble It would be fair to say that I am never happier when I am covered in muck and oil – though a belly full of Lamb tikka pathia comes a close second. Going back a couple of decades, I came off the tools and became responsible for running the parts and service desk […]

News : Electric MG Dynamo unveiled

MG Dynamo

The MG Dynamo concept has been unveiled, showing the company’s latest electric technology. The car, conceived to rival the Renault Zoe and Volkswagen E-up! is a development of the Roewe E1, which went on sale in China as the E50 (below), and MG says that if the Dynamo is well received here, it will be evaluated […]

Technician’s Update : An Anglian quad-cam caper!


Mike Humble As we walk skip or stumble along the path of life, we meet some interesting people along the way. Every profession has their own mavericks and oddballs, but in my, er, humble opinion it’s the motor trade that seems to attract a more eclectic mish-mash of troubled souls than crowd of random people. […]

Sales Talk : Just how did Rover survive for so long?


Mike Humble A good friend in the trade sells Hyundai, and has done for a good few years. He once quite recently said to me that, ‘wild horses wouldn’t drag the franchise off him,’ owing to one very simple fact: his customer base. The showroom, which is based in a fairly affluent part of Bedfordshire, […]

News : Minder Daimler makes £15k at the Resto Show

Minder 1981 Daimler Sovereign Saloon large

Arthur Daley’s 1981 Daimler Sovereign from hit ITV show Minder sold to a happy new owner at Silverstone’s auction, held at the Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 12 April. The car, which was driven extensively by both Arthur Daley (George Cole) and Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) from Series Four through to Six of the […]

News : Land Rover unveils Discovery Vision Concept

Land Rover Discovery Vision (1)

John Slavin Land Rover has revealed the Discovery Vision Concept in New York. It previews the upcoming Discovery family of vehicles due to appear from 2015, starting with a smaller Discovery to replace the Freelander and followed by a larger model to replace the current Discovery 4. The first production car is expected to be offered […]

Events : Report – Pride of Longbridge 2014

Pride of Longbridge 2014 (16)

Keith Adams After last year’s damp and rather cold Pride of Longbridge, 2014 marked a complete turn-around in fortunes for the premier BMC, Leyland, Triumph, Rover and MG show in the UK, with more than 2300 cars displayed on Cofton Park.  Indeed, with more space to display cars, effective pre-event publicity and a strengthening community […]