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We’ve been commenting on the motoring scene – and, sometimes, a little bit more, since June 2004. Read what’s on the minds of AROnline’s Contributors and see if you agree with them – as always, blogs are opinion pieces and don’t always refect the editorial stance of the site.

Blog : Hard shoulder hazard for classics


Andrew Elphick On a long trip in your classic, the one thing you cross your fingers over is the threat of failing to proceed. It happens to us all at some point and always in the most inconvenient location: the dreaded breakdown. Until 14 April, had you been on one of the nation’s busiest motorways at least […]

Blog : Loving the New Bus for London

New Bus for London - Picture TfL

Keith Adams If you’ve not been in London for a while, don’t particularly care for the big city, or haven’t been hooked into popular media for a couple of years, the arrival of a new bus in London to replace the old Mercedes-Benz ‘bendy-buses’ might well have passed you by. For the rest of us, […]

Blog : Heritage – you can’t get too much of a good thing

Jaguar Heritage

Keith Adams Great news today that the Heritage Motor Centre is to be extended with a new building that’s been part-funded by the National Lottery, Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and The Garfield Weston Foundation – this secures a brighter future for what is the closest thing we have to a motoring archive for Rover and its […]

Blog : Now is the time to secure the future of classic cars


Keith Adams I’m currently at the Retro Classics Show in Stuttgart and am surrounded by more than 3000 mostly wonderfully-presented classic cars. However, the buzz from the assembled media was actually about the prospect of old cars being banned from central London. This, presumably, will then be followed by other cities in the UK, such […]

Blog : New MINI, too big for its boots?

MINI Mallorca 14

Keith Adams Okay, so it’s not often that I’ll sit down halfway through a new car launch and commit my thoughts on it so early in the proceedings but, in the case of the F56 MINI, I’ll make an exception. A full review will follow, both here and on AROnline‘s sister site, Honest John, but […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi

She lives for another year - The 214 SLi is staying put.

Mike Humble enjoys another year’s trouble-free motoring with his early Rover 214. …with the added bonus of an MoT pass. Another year with my mate, R8 I may be many things – overweight, over opinionated, underpaid and overworked, but indecisiveness doesn’t really apply in my world. Rightly or wrongly I stick by my guns and […]

Blog : MG – is it ready for prime time?

MG3 (5)

Richard Truett Not long ago, in this very space, I put forth the proposition that MG’s current lineup would fail in the United States. I said these modern MGs don’t look British and, because they were not sports cars, few Americans would want one. Let me amend that… Thanks to Keith Adams, I spent time […]

Blog : Car manufacturing – how British is British?

Honda Civic Tourer

Keith Adams We had an interesting selection of cars at AROnline Towers this weekend. I swapped my Dacia Sandero Access for an MG3, kindly lent at the last moment by the nice chaps at Longbridge, while a family member, who finds himself working as a car hack elsewhere, was smoking around in a Honda Civic Tourer. […]

MGF Prototypes : First and last


Keith Adams Originally posted 26 March 2011 It was strange seeing MGF prototypes PR1, PR2 and PR3 for the very first time on a recent visit to Longbridge. I had seen them in the pages of David Knowles’ excellent MGF and TF book as well as on the pages of this very website but had never really appreciated […]

Blog : Dacia proves that MG Rover missed a trick

What might have been...

Keith Adams Six months ago, I blogged about how the arrival of Dacia in the UK, and the Sandero’s killer entry-level list price was going to prove, one way or another, that Rover’s decision to import the CityRover could have been the genius decision of the decade. The budget Romanian brand, underpinned by an ambitious […]