eBay Find of the Week

eBay Find of the Week : Discovery G_WAC

Launch Land Rover Discovery is currently on eBay

Keith Adams Press launch cars tend to be the holy grail of cult classic cars – they’re appreciated by those who really know their cars. And as such can sometimes get missed by the more general enthusiast audience when examples come up for sale. That’s probably not the case with Discovery G-WAC launch cars – […]

eBay Find of the Week : Morris Ital time-capsule for sale

Morris Ital with 300 miles on eBay

Keith Adams Never, ever underestimate the ability for our classic car market to turn up some amazing barn find cars. We recently told you about a Rover 200 with 12 miles on the clock which was up for sale and this Morris Ital will seem positively mileagey in comparison, having covered 300 miles – but, for those who […]

eBay Find of the Week : Rover 2300

Rover 2300 in original condition up for grabs, courtesy of 'The Doctor'

Keith Adams Our friend, the eBay seller known as ‘The Doctor’, has this unerring habit of finding some of the cleanest, tidiest, lowest-mileage BL and Austin Rover-era cars known to man. And this Rover 2300, one of the last of the line, is a great example of just that sort of car… The Doctor is […]

eBay Find of the Week : ‘Twini’ Cooper S

Twini on sale on eBay

Keith Adams Here’s an interesting one. Well, when we say interesting, perhaps it’s more a case of scary. Whatever your opinions on the ‘Twini’ prototypes, it’s good to know that there are dedicated Mini enthusiasts out there who have recreated these fascinating might-have-beens. Even better to know that there’s one for sale on eBay… and […]

eBay Find of the Week : Chrome Metro

A future TV star in chrome

Keith Adams Here’s a strange and yet compelling one to get your teeth into – a chrome and carbonfibre-wrapped Rover Metro Rio. Obviously, it’s going to be an acquired taste this one, but we rate this as pretty cool. According to the blurb that comes with the sale, it’s an immaculate low-mileage example, and looking […]