Austin’s likeable A30 was hailed as the UK’s first ‘chassisless’ car, but it was probably its low price and smart styling that sold it to so many buyers during the 1950s. Was upgraded to A35 spec, before receiving a smart new Farina-suit to become the A40. Read its story…

The cars : Austin A30/A35


Keith Adams IMMEDIATELY post-war, government policy meant that Austin’s inability to replace the Seven left Longbridge producing bigger cars tailored for the American market – great for profit and loss, not so good for those people desperately seeking mobility.

Innocenti Austin A40

In 1959, Innocenti signed a deal with BMC that would see it become a car manufacturer for the first time. (Photo: Gaetano Zagra) WHEN BMC joined forces with Innocenti in the late 1950s, the first fruit of their union was the Innocenti A40. The car must almost have suggested itself for production in Italy: after […]

Buying guide : Austin A40

The Austin A35 was given a smart new Italian suit as well as a number of other useful upgrades te become the A40. Known universally as the Austin A40 Farina, these stylish cars make utterly sensible classics to this day, and don’t cost an arm and a leg… Claire Smith leads you through the whys […]

Archive : CAB2 opens at Longbridge


BMC – An Austin A40 is the first car to leave the newly completed CAB2 at Longbridge.

Archive : Four million Austins

GLASGOW HERALD FOUR MILLION AUSTINS The Austin Motor Companies four millionth vehicle, an A40 MK2 saloon, left the Longbridge, Birmingham, assembly lines during the first days production of 1962. It will be sold to Mr Garfield Weston, the biscuit manufacturer. Of the total number of Austin’s produced, 3 million have been produced since the end […]