The Mini started the transverse, front-wheel drive ball rolling, but it was the larger 1100 range that proved it could really work for small families. From its launch in 1962, pretty much to its death over a decade later, the pretty and capable ADO16 was a UK best-seller. Here’s all you need to know about it.

The cars : BMC 1100/1300 development history

One million BMC1100s had been built by 1967.

World beater So the Mini was launched, and the world had showered BMC with the acclaim that it so richly deserved, but in the months following the car’s arrival on the market, things were not all sweetness and light. Quite simply, fuel crisis or not, the Mini was not the car that the dealers wanted; […]

BMC 1100/1300 buying guide

The cars : BMC 1100/1300 development history

BMC and BL badge engineering ran amok on the much-loved 1100/1300 range of the Sixties and Seventies. RICHARD GUNN unravels the various marques and tells you what to look out for when buying. Availability Years produced: 1962-1974 Body style: 2- and 4-door saloon, 3-door estate Engine options: 1098cc A-Series inline-four 1275cc A-Series inline-four Transmission options: […]

Gallery : BMC 1100/1300 timeline


The ADO16 was BMC’s best selling car during the 1960s, and as a result, it lived a long and varied life. This timeline, compiled by Michael Schaefer, has put the car’s illustrious career into factual order. Year Date (where known) Details 1962 March Production of the MG 1100 (and presumably the Morris as well) began […]

BMC 1100/1300 : Concepts and prototypes


While the 1100 was an Issigonis concept from the outset, it took Italy’s Pininfarina to give the car its undeniable style. This page was contributed by Declan Berridge

Events : LeMons racing in Austin Americas. Sane or not?

LeMons 2013 - Austin America (2)

Peter Barratt and the Team United America Wrenchers had just two days to turn four barn find wrecks into at least one race car for the LeMons race in Houston. Words: Keith Adams, Photography: Murilee Martin The American wrenchers ‘Why Austin Americas? Because they were available, I love British cars and there is a madman […]

Blog : Happy 50th, Austin 1100

Austin 1100

Keith Adams The birthdays are coming thick and fast right now – but this one should really strike a chord with AROnline regulars. Fifty years ago, the Austin 1100 went on sale in the UK. Okay, so it might not have been the first flavour of ADO16 to hit the market – that honour went […]

International variations : Austin Victoria Mk2


Could the Mk2 version have saved Authi? Victoria Mk2 article written by Graham Arnold with reference to messages contributed by members of the Spanish Authi chat forum Updated, 8 January 2013 For some time now there has been evidence, in particular on the Spanish Authi chat forum, that Mk2 versions of the Austin Victoria were […]

Concepts and prototypes : Innocenti IM3/I4/I5 facelift

Innocenti J4 facelift proposal

Keith Adams It’s often been said that Innocenti had the unswerving knack of being able to take a BMC car and make it look just a little bit more appealing. The Austin A40 transformed by the Italians into the fully hatchbacked Combinata, and the already pretty 1100/1300 was tweaked to become the better-looking and more […]

LEJoG in a Princess : back home and gallery

Floats on fluid

Words: Alexander Boucke, photographs: Alexander Boucke, Karin Lukaszewicz After leaving the big ADO16 meet in Gaydon with the trophy for the furthest travelled we spent another day in London before finally heading home. It was all plain sailing and rather relaxed – that starter motor seemingly felt threatened by the replacement in the boot and […]

Blog : Remember the 1100

Riley Kestrel and its creator, Alec Issigonis

Keith Adams So, there we are – the BMC 1100 has now passed the magic half century. And doesn’t it still look fantastic? I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that in my humble opinion, the ADO16 remains the ultimate incarnation of the Issigonis vehicular template. Yes, the Mini sold more, […]

Events : LEJoG in a Princess – Finish line


Team AROnline made it to the finish. Better late than never… Words and Photographs: Alexander Boucke Due to the mishap with the starter motor we only arrived at the 1100 Club’s annual rally on Sunday morning. We have had lots of offers for help including a free replacement starter from one of our French friends, […]

Events : LEJoG in a Princess – day seven


Today AROnline’s team should have reached Gaydon… Words and Photographs: Alexander Boucke After watching the cavalcade of ADO16s drive past our B&B after a quite early start, we proceeded to have a good breakfast. Travelling with our children does require a little compromise, as it would seem quite unfair to them to simply usher them […]

Events : LEJoG in a Princess – day six


AROnline’s team tries to include a little more holiday into their last full day… Words and Photographs: Alexander Boucke After having to press on really hard during the last few days, we wanted a little bit more time to relax – and on paper this day looked like we were able to do so: a […]