The cars : Chrysler Alpine


It was a genuine step forward for Chrysler – the Anglo-French Alpine was styled in the UK and powered by Simca running gear. Shame it wasn’t built to withstand rust. Hatching a new approach The Alpine was born through the desperate need for Chrysler to replace the ageing Simca 1500/1501 in France. As late as […]

Chrysler Alpine : the Moskvich Aleko connection


Look closely at the Moskvich Aleko and you will see something of a passing resemblance between it and the Alpine… First shown in Europe at the 1988 Paris Salon, the Moskvich Aleko was seen as a huge advancement over its predecessor, and along with the Lada Samara, it heralded the Russia car industry’s arrival into […]

Tested : Cortina vs Solara vs Cavalier

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1, Talbot Solara and Ford Cortina 1.6L

Rep race Back in 1980, if you wanted the ultimate business tool on wheels, you (or your company’s fleet manager) bought a Ford Cortina. Vauxhall and Talbot didn’t necessarily agree, offering the Cavalier and Solara as very capable rivals. But which was best then and now, the Ford Cortina 1.6L, Vauxhall Cavalier 1600GL or Talbot […]

In production : Chrysler Alpines at Ryton

The Anglicized version of the SIMCA 1307/1308 went into production at Ryton in 1976. This meant that Avenger production moved to Linwood in Scotland, and Hunter production went to Ireland. Engines for the Alpine were also produced in the UK, boosting local content to above 50 per cent. Photos kindly supplied by

Talbot Alpine/Solara ’82 models gallery

Taken from the 1982 brochure, a gallery of the 1982 range… Pictures kindly supplied by Neils Marienlund.

Chrysler Alpine : Minx/Rapier

For 1985, the Alpine and Solara models were re-branded in the UK. The names were plucked from the ex-Rootes stockpile, and equipment levels were uprated… Pictures kindly supplied by Graham Arnold

Chrysler Alpine : Chrysler 150

Known as the Chrysler 150 in Spain, the Alpine sold in reasonable numbers. When production of the 1510/Solara ceased in Poissy, it continued in Spain. Brochure images Solara Magazine Cover star All Photos kindly supplied by Graham Arnold

Chrysler Alpine : RSV

Producing safety concepts was extremely fashionable during the 1970s; this was Chrysler’s take… All Photos kindly supplied by Declan Berridge

Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler Alpine/SIMCA 1307/1308

Designated the C6, engineered at Poissy and styled in Whitley, the five-door hatchback that emerged sported a clean and crisp style and contemporary layout. Styling sketches Clay models Preparing the models… Three schemes for evaluation… Estate proposal Pictures kindly suppled by Etienne van der Linden and Hervé Le Guernic.