The cars : Chrysler Horizon

The cars : Chrysler Horizon

It was Chrysler Europe’s first world car, and an effective interpretation of the Volkswagen Golf. It should have done so well… So, what went wrong? Less than the sum of its parts… The Horizon was simultaneously launched in Europe and the USA in December 1977. Chrysler had had ambitions that the Horizon would become its […]

Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler Horizon

Concepts and prototypes : Chrysler Horizon

Designated the C2, engineered at Poissy and styled in Whitley, the five-door hatchback that emerged sported a clean and crisp style and contemporary layout. Concept drawing Clay models Saloon styling proposal  

Chrysler Horizon : American Horizons

The C2 was conceived right from the beginning to be a World Car. The American version was developed alongside the European version, but like most international efforts, plans went a little awry… Ready for the world As noted in the Horizon’s development story, the international launch of the Horizon took place on the 7th December […]

Chrysler Horizon : Finnish Horizons

Would you believe Lada Samaras, Porsche Boxsters, Saab 96s, Talbot Horizons and Talbot 1501s all being built by the same company under the same roof? Believe it or not this is what has been happening at different times since 1969 in the Finnish Valmet Automotive plant complex situated in Uusikaupunki (pronounced oo-see-cow-punky) on the south-west […]

Talbot Horizon Group B

Shortly after the formation of Talbot in 1979, PSA decided to go out on all-out attack; setting aside Talbot as the company’s premier motorsports division. The Group B Horizon was the result of an aborted foray into rallying. Tilting at the quattro Following the creation of the Talbot marque out of the remanants Chrysler Europe […]

Talbot Horizon 1.9LD

Some trivia for you – which car was the first to be powered by the near immortal Peugeot-Citroen XUD engine? That’s right, the Talbot Horizon… Saving the best for last The almost-forgotten Talbot Horizon is one of those cars with a confused upbringing. It started out as a Chrysler UK styling scheme that ran on […]