The cars : Talbot Samba


The Talbot Samba was another car that relied on badge engineering to take it to market… But despite that, it was a reasonable success in its home market – but was that the UK or France? Changing tune… The story of the Talbot Samba, sadly, is one of history repeating itself… However, it is not […]

Talbot Samba replacement

PSA again dipped into the corporate parts-bin when devising the Samba replacement. The most suitable idea was a car based around the 1986 Citroen AX… Citroen AX-based replacement During 1983/84, PSA investigated the possibility of producing a replacement for the Samba, which was based upon the upcoming Citroen AX. The plans did not develop much […]

Talbot Samba Cabriolet

Early on during the Samba’s development programme, PSA decided that something extra was needed for its new baby in order to have added market appeal. The Cabriolet was an obvious answer, especially following the success of the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet… Although the cabriolet was announced at the time of the Samba’s launch in November 1981, […]