The cars : Talbot Tagora


Chrysler’s great white hope in the executive sector was the C9 project. However, events overtook its development, and Peugeot ended up finishing the job. And like all the best stories, it ended up in abject failure… Wrong car, wrong time To fully understand why Chrysler Europe decided to replace the slow-selling Chrysler 180/2-Litre models just […]

Talbot Tagora Gallery

The Talbot Tagora was vitally important to the long-term future of the Talbot marque: after all, it was one of three mid-market carmakers nestling under the PSA banner. Executive cars were always bought and sold on style and image; the Tagora – according to many commentators – fell short on both Brochure images Taken from […]

Talbot Tagora Présidence

What better way than to make a splash on he French market than to produce a car designed to lever governmental types out of their Citroen CXs and SMs. This was Talbot’s attempt to out-do Citroen… The brief for the Présidence was to design a Talbot Tagora with everything, the kind of car that would […]

Concepts and prototypes : Talbot Tagora

Project C9 was instigated in 1976, and like the Alpine and Horizon before it, was engineered in France and styled in the UK. The car that emerged was the first car to emerge from the combine, which was not styled under the directorship of Roy Axe… The upscaled Solara concept was considered a failure by […]