The cars : Ford Capri


The car you always promised yourself… THE car industry had been going through some liberating times during the 1960s. Fuel was plentiful and cheap, and the Americans were making the most of the situation – offering buyers plenty of V8s to choose from. Even the entry-level ‘college’ cars were packing big (by European standards) six-cylinder […]

Ford Capri : Concept and prototypes


Words and pictures: Andrew Elphick Styling sketches Final sketches to scale models Honing the Capri Nearing production    

Tickford’s Ford : The Capri 2.8i Turbo


Richard David Nener During 1981 John Miles was writing for Autocar. At that time he purchased a 3.0-litre Capri from Ford’s press department and used this car as a test vehicle for over 25,000 miles. He installed a very modified 3.2-litre engine, and most importantly modified and tweaked the suspension. Miles was, and continues today, […]

Blog : New Capri? We’ve been here before!

Ford Evos - Frankfurt 2011

Keith Adams Frankfurt IAA 2011. It’s the big show of the year, and home to the European industry’s most important debuts, show cars, and industry tie-ups. Exciting isn’t it? Yes and no. It’s great that Land Rover and Jaguar will be showing concept versions of their next new car icons (C-X60 for the XE – […]

Ford Capri : Videos

Here’s a lovely advertising video for you – it’s 1981, and you know you want a Capri Injection! Feel the power

Head-to-Head : Ford Capri vs Triumph TR8


Richard Truett The final Triumph TR and the Ford Capri are two of Britain’s most iconic ‘affordable’ sports cars of the 1980s. One, caught up in corporate financial turmoil and never developed to its full potential, died prematurely in October 1981. It is only now being appreciated for its advanced styling, excellent handling, sensible cockpit […]

Essay : Policing from behind the wheel

News that the UK’s last MG police car has been pensioned off* surely merits that oft overused ‘end of an era’ phrase. ‘MG Rover and out’ about sums it up – and it prompted a mixture of memories from ex-police PR officer Roger Blaxall who worked for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Lancashire Constabulary from […]