The cars : Ford Cortina


The one to beat… IN the brave new world of 1960s Britain, there was an admirable back-to-the-wall can-do mentality, it must have seemed that anything was possible. Ford certainly thought so, given that the Cortina project only really came together in 1960, following a three month consultation resulting in the definitive full-sized clay, before going […]

Tested : Cortina vs Solara vs Cavalier

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1, Talbot Solara and Ford Cortina 1.6L

Rep race Back in 1980, if you wanted the ultimate business tool on wheels, you (or your company’s fleet manager) bought a Ford Cortina. Vauxhall and Talbot didn’t necessarily agree, offering the Cavalier and Solara as very capable rivals. But which was best then and now, the Ford Cortina 1.6L, Vauxhall Cavalier 1600GL or Talbot […]

News : Cortina’s 50th celebrated on the Beeb

Ford Cortina Celebrates 50th on BBC's One Show

The Ford Cortina celebrated its launch 50 years ago on prime-time TV with a feature on the BBC’s One Show. Presented by comedian and actor Alexei Sayle (above), the feature recalled an hour-long documentary hosted by him on the BBC arts show Arena in 1982 called The Private Life of the Ford Cortina. The Ford […]

News : Ford Cortina’s 50th celebrated at Goodwood

Ford Cortina at the Goodwood Revival (Adam Beresford)

This weekend the world’s most popular historic race meeting, the Goodwood Revival, will celebrate 50 years of the Ford Cortina with a display of some rare Mark I models outside the RAC Earls Court exhibition. The Cortina was Britain’s best-selling car for 10 of the 20 years it was on sale and laid the foundation […]

Gallery : Ford Cortina Mk3


In 1970, the Ford Cortina grew up – taking in the 2-litre class, and replacing the Corsair as well as the Cortina Mk2 in the same process. This growth was a gamble for its maker, but a prescient one, as it was this generation of Ford’s favourite repmobile that became the UK’s best-selling car.  

Gallery : Ford Cortina Mk1


The Ford Cortina Mk1 was launched in 1962, and proved an immediate hit for its maker. The engineering, lightness and overall rightness for its purpose have resulted in this car being an all time classic…    

Archive : Ford Cortina launched today


FORD – The Ford Cortina Mk1 is launched today.