Ford Mondeo

Replacing the controversial Ford Sierra after a 10-year production run, the Mondeo was the older car’s conceptual opposite, featuring concervative styling and a high-tech all-new front wheel drive platform. It’s been a success, despite falling sales – as Ford buyers switched to smaller cars in the 2000s and ’10s.

The cars : Ford Mondeo design story

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The Mondeo celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013, and to mark the occasion Andrew Elphick recounts the story of its design, development, and subsequent introduction of Ford’s vitally important mid-liner. And it really was an exercise in clean-sheet design. One world, one vision These were the words of two giants – one, the world’s most […]

Video : Twenty years of the Mondeo

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The Ford Mondeo is celebrating its 20th anniversary and more than 4.5 million sales in Europe, including 1,400,000 in the UK. To mark the occasion, the company has released a new video with voiceover by Ray Winstone. The Mondeo was introduced in 1993 following a five-year, £3bn development programme and was named Car of the […]

Concepts and prototypes : Ford Mondeo design sketches

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Cab forward Mondeo The Ford Mondeo, CDW27, went through a long and considered design process – here are some design sketches early in the development process, around 1988. As you can see, cab forward was a big aspect of the Mondeo’s eventual design.