Ford Sierra

Ford’s ‘Jellymould’ Sierra had a tough role in life – to replace the best-selling Cortina. Given its unconventional styling, buyers took time to accept the new face of the middle-market. But as the years passed, Britons warmed to the Sierra – and now it’s a well-loved classic with a growing cult following…

The cars : Ford Sierra development history

Ford Sierra

Replacing the Cortina was never going to be easy – it was a British icon, and a top-seller for more years than the company’s rivals care to mention. That led Ford of Europe down the path of radicalism… and as we all know, customer resistance soon followed. However, the ending was a good one. By […]

Not their finest hour : Ford Sierra 2.0 (i4 engine)

The Ford Sierra - Post 1990 models were good looking machines but dogged by cheap engineering under the skin.

Mike Humble To quote David Grohl of Foo Fighters fame (the nice man of rock), I have a confession to make: I like the Ford Sierra. It took 14 years after its launch for me to really appreciate it, though. Being the age that I am, I grew up loving and worshipping cars that were […]

Concepts and prototypes : Ford Probe III


Keith Adams Back in 1981, when the development of the Ford Sierra (project Toni), was reaching its latter stages of its development, management felt the need soften the buying public. The styling, penned by Patrick Le Quement, was as avant garde as its predecessor, the Cortina’s, was conservative. So, the design team produced a more […]

In Memoriam: Ford Sierra 1.6 Ghia E-Max

The MK1 Sierra was so different it hampered sales for a few years.

Mike Humble takes another look at some of the less likely extinct cars in the UK, according to data supplied by the brilliant How Many Left? website based on DVLA data. Pictures: Andrew Elphick and Words: Mike Humble 7: Ford Sierra 1.6 Ghia E-Max Over the years, I have owned three Sierras – one of which […]