The cars : Hillman Hunter/Rootes Arrows

The Arrow range was conceived as a smart-suited replacement for the Audax range of Minx/Supermix models and their badge-engineered counterparts. Some have called this the last Rootes car, although the Avenger has equal claim to that title. Launched in 1966/67, the new range of cars came in several guises, from the Hillman Minx at the […]

Hillman Hunter : The Swallow project

Conceived as an advanced replacement for the Audax range and created with the same set of goals as the Imp, the Swallow could have been the Rootes Group’s swansong… Sadly, it did not progress very far. Hindsight suggests that this might be no bad thing, as rear engined family cars were rapidly becoming a thing […]

Hillman Hunter : Arrow projects and prototypes


The Arrow range was conceived to be a conventional replacement for the Audax Rootes cars – and as such, was designed in Hillman, Humber and Singer versions. The early styling schemes resembled an enlarged Imp, but these were soon revised into a plainer and more classical looking saloon. Quarter-scale models Full-scale proposals Late in 1963, […]

Hillman Hunter : Sunbeam Rapier

In design Roy Axe’s designs feature heavily on this website, and it was his Sunbeam Rapier that saw him rise to prominence… April 1964 May 1964 Full size clay, January 1965 Refinement, March 1965 Production version Roy Axe’s coupe makes an appearance at the 1968 London motor show, and immediately proves popular, even if comparisons […]

Hillman Hunter : Arrow variations

The Rootes Group were a prime proponent of the art of badge engineering; take a basic car and apply several marque names to it in order to cover several market sectors, whilst keeping a wide range of customers happy. Here is a gallery of the different Arrows sold during its lifetime… Chrysler Hunter 1976-1979 After […]

Hillman Hunter : Paykan

Enduring legend After several unsuccessful attempts to make FIAT automobiles, the most serious step towards production of automobiles was taken by establishment of Iran National Factories (Iran khodro, public joint stock company) and presentation of Paykan passenger car on 17 August 1962. Iran National was commissioned to manufacture the latest model of HILLMAN under the […]