The cars : Hillman Imp


Mini steps backwards… The Suez crisis of the 1956 certainly had a lot to answer for: petrol shortages in the UK meant that those cars that could eke out the most from a gallon of Petrol were judged to be the most desirable. The Rootes Group certainly felt that way, and as a response to […]

Hillman Imp : Rootes Asp

The sporting version of the Imp looks as promising today as it did back during the 1960s. A lack of money would spell its end… Rootes’ engineers knew that the Imp chassis was capable of handling more power, and decided to work on a sporting variant. Using the existing all alloy ohc engine (tuned somewhat), […]

Hillman Imp : Project Slug

Rootes’ bouncing new baby The Slug The Slug was the brainchild Michael Parkes and Tim Fry, when they were asked to come up with a small car to generate sales volume for The Rootes Group. Initially powered by a Villiers flat-twin engine, the tiny rear-engined car paved the way for the Apex and then the […]

Hillman Imp : The prototypes

The Hillman Imp came about as a direct response to the Suez-crisis induced petrol shortages of 1956/57, even though Rootes had started small car investigations long before this. The first small Rootes car was Little Jim, but this was followed by the Slug in the mid-1950s. The Imp came from Project Apex, which was a […]