XJ (XJ4)

The cars : Jaguar XJ6/XJ12


Simply the best IF one were to draw up a list of the greatest British cars of all time, by just about any criteria the Jaguar XJ6/12 would be included. During a production run that spanned more than two decades, it was frequently acclaimed as the greatest car in the world. And yet, there was […]

Owen Sedanca

Two years before Leyland launched the Jaguar XJ-S, the Jaguar dealership HR Owen came up with a coupe of its own… HR Owen had a penchant for commissioning customised Leyland products. Having enjoyed moderate success with the Crayford/FLM Panelcraft Rover P6 Estoura, their next project was altogether more ambitious: in September 1973, they presented the […]

The Harrods XJ6

Two cats for the price of, well, two… THE above picture gives little clue as to why, at £35,000 in 1983, this rather special Jaguar should have cost well over twice the list price of the standard 4.2-litre XJ6 on which it was based. Indeed, the most noticeable external modification was a very 1980s, boomerang-style […]

Avon Jaguar Estate


When the Series III Jaguar XJ6 was launched in 1979, Mercedes-Benz had the the up-market estate scene pretty much to themselves, with Volvo and Citroën bringing up the rear. Avon saw things differently, however, offering this ungainly conversion of the Jaguar saloon, which traded the base car’s inate elegance for a cavernous rear-end. Only some […]

Concepts and prototypes : ItalDesign Kensington

In 1990, world-renowned carrozzeria ItalDesign unveiled its Kensington – a very Italian take on how the next Jaguar saloon should look like. Could producing it for real given Jaguar its 2010 XJ moment 20 years earlier? Words: Keith Adams Redefining the leaping cat One of the best known Jaguar prototypes produced by an Italian styling […]

Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XJ21

Jaguar XJ21

Thoughts on replacing the E-type weren’t limited to the V12-powered XJ-S grand tourer. Jaguar was also cooking up this potentially pretty sports car to supplement the new and exciting XJ6 saloon. But, as Ian Nicholls explains, things weren’t always that simple… The missing link THE Jaguar XJ21 was the missing link between the E-type sports […]

Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XJ6 Series 2

A mid-1970s update and bumper height regulations meant that Jaguar needed to facelift the front end. Some of these proposals are very interesting indeed… A new face Images supplied by Ian Nicholls

Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XJ6

Getting the styling right on Project XJ4 was always going to be tricky… And as you can see, they had a few goes at it, before settling on the final, beautiful, solution. From E- to XJ- in a few simple steps Experimentation: Fronal styling Images supplied by Ian Nicholls

Car of the month : February 2009

Graham Eason runs a classic car hire business called Great Escapes, and one of his fleet is this magnificent 1974 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 in long wheelbase form. As you can see, it’s a beautiful example, wonderfully photographed, too. It’s obviously a car that Graham has a lot of respect and time for, having blogged about […]

Why I love the XJ6…

Graham Eason The Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 really is a great and overlooked classic car. A 350 mile round trip I took with my wife to the New Forest a few weeks ago served to prove the point. After a week cocooned in my daily driver (a high mileage Audi A6), I couldn’t face another three […]