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Lotus : New images of next-gen models released

Keith Adams   

Lotus Elite

Lotus Elite

 How we all swooned over Lotus’ amazing line-up of new cars when they were rolled-out at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. No less than six new cars were shown to the world, ranging from an interesting little City Car Concept to a Porsche Panamera-rivalling four-door, which looks set to cost well over £150,000 when it hits the showrooms sometime after 2014.   

However, before then, there’s the revival of the Esprit and Elite names, as well as a new take on the Elise. It’s a truly ambitious Model Programme and one that you’d applaud a global player for concocting, let alone a tiny player in Norfolk without huge reserves of cash. It’s all the more intriguing thanks to the strange situation in F1, but that should play itself out as 2011 wears on – F1 moves rather more quickly than the Automotive Industry which supports it. 

Anyway, as for the Model Programme, Group Lotus plc’s CEO, Danny Bahar, gives away a few clues about the forthcoming range in an exclusive online interview with Octane Magazine – suffice to say, there’s some room for excitement, even if it poses more questions than answers them.  

How the next five years will shake out for Lotus remains to be seen but there’s no denying that the company’s upcoming cars promise to look very exciting indeed.   

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Keith Adams

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19 Comments on "Lotus : New images of next-gen models released"

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  1. Wilko says:

    Exciting stuff – let’s hope they live up to their undoubted promise!

  2. Hilton Davis says:

    Mouth-watering cars and futuristic! I wish them every success but regret I won’t be a candidate to buy…

  3. Jemma says:

    Nice, futuristic – but not very original. However, I’d very surprised if they don’t succeed.

  4. Graham Hatch says:

    The downside is that the last one launched will look five years old when it arrives. They should have staggered the launch of the concepts over the next three years of major Motor Shows.

  5. Jonathan Carling Jonathan Carling says:

    I’d love to see all this come to fruition. It’s a major challenge but I hope that Lotus can pull at least some of it off.

  6. Brian Daniels says:

    I can’t help but wonder if a sports car like the Ariel Atom is more in the true spirit of Lotus and founder Colin Chapman.

  7. Davey P says:

    Exactly WHERE are all the customers who are going to buy all these expensive new Lotus cars going to come from?

  8. Simon Woodward says:

    I am really excited about Lotus at the moment – the company recently showed off a very exciting hybrid City Car Concept and the innovative Elise has spawned many interesting variations as well as being hugely successful itself. I think the next couple of years are going to be very interesting for Lotus and deservedly so.

  9. Simon Woodward says:

    @Brian Daniels
    Lotus did do the 340R which I think is often forgotten and rarely written about.

  10. David 3500 says:

    Agreed, this is extremely ambitious for a car maker with such precarious finances – I do, though, wish them well. However, it is a shame that none of the styling influence of the original Esprit is evident in the new one, especially as it remained in production longer than any other Lotus.

    Unfortunately, and, unlike with the Esprit’s most famous driver – 007 (aka Roger Moore) – it doesn’t raise an eyebrow from me. Still, there is time for Lotus to take onboard these and other comments.

    I have driven the Elise in its various guises and the 340R and they were all fantastic to drive.

  11. Simon Woodward says:

    @David 3500
    A couple of years ago Lotus copyrighted the side profile of the Esprit – Porsche have done the same with 911.

    I think the Elise and its many offspring are just fantastic but it’s the 340R that intrigues me the most. The Esprit Series 2 will all ways be on my Top 10 cars I want to own before I die.

    When I bought my 944 10 years ago I so nearly bought a late model Excel and quite literally tossed a coin to choose. I don’t regret it but I often wonder what if…

    A Lotus is one of the few cars (an Alfa Romeo is the other) where my heart and not my head would rule when contemplating a purchase.

  12. @Simon Woodward
    My heart always ruled my head when buying Alfa Romeos… I have owned nine of them over the years. Anyway, I hope my sub-edit accurately captures your point!

  13. Simon Woodward says:

    @Clive Goldthorp
    Ha! I know what you mean. I love them – it’s like the Designer sat down with my wish list and made the car just for me. I think that I might add a good GTV to my collection in 2011 – that should be one to keep.

    Thanks for adjusting my grammar – give me a lump of wood and I’ll turn it into a piece of furniture fit for a King but my spelling and grammar are rubbish and you have saved my blushes on more than one occasion…


  14. Brian Daniels says:

    @Simon Woodward
    I’ve just googled the 340R. I was completely unaware of that model or had maybe read about it way back when and then simply forgotten about it. That’s exactly the kind of thing Lotus should have going on – something with the spirit of the 7 in modern packaging.

  15. Simon Woodward says:

    @Brian Daniels
    I know – it looks good but is hardly ever mentioned. The US Ariel gets a windscreen which, sadly for them, makes it look a bit odd.

  16. It looks like the last company to build sports cars which managed to look fast and friendly turns has decided to adopt aggressive styling. Am I the only one who does not want to be seen in an aggressive-looking car?

  17. Terry Gibson says:

    I think that all the proposed models in the new Lotus range look too derivative.

    I don’t really understand this grand plan. Apparently, there’s no room in this grand plan for Evora. What’s wrong with the Evora and Evora S? These cars exist here and now. By the time these unlikely dream cars are due to be launched, the Evoras will be in their prime: they’re perfect now, what could they be like if Lotus develop and tweak ’em some more?

    Does anyone know how I can get the money to buy an Evora? Actually, make that two: one to drive now and one to keep and remember Lotus by when these dreamers kill the brand. TVR anybody?

  18. Simon Woodward says:

    @Terry Gibson
    I had an email from a charming African chappy who is in a bit of a financial pickle with his late father’s Estate. It turns out that he has inherited some money but, due to local tax laws, he is unable get this money without incurring a huge tax burden. However, if you send him £2000, he will send you back shares worth £10,000.

    I reckon this is a bargain so I’ve liquidated all my assets, which included a signed copy of Jimmy Nail’s CD ‘Crocodile Shoes’ and some used bus tickets. This has raised ten quid and so I have sent it to him with an SAE.

    I will forward the email if you are interested…

  19. Jeroen Wolf says:

    I don’t want to be a party-pooper but I still think that Lotus has lost the plot. I understand the company has to make a profit and wants to build profitable cars, but who the heck is waiting for a four-door Lotus weighing nearly two tons? Apparently, the next Elise is going to weigh a third more then the current model…

    Look guys: if Lamborghini can make a concept with a V10-enigine weighing just under a 1,000 kg, why can’t Lotus? I love the Elise and Evora, and just can’t – or maybe don’t want to – understand this change of direction.

    Whatever happened to the Chapman-mantra of “just add lightness”?

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