The cars : MGB development history

The cars : MGB development history

The MGB is probably the world’s best-loved classic car – and if you’re looking for a weekend toy, you’ve probably already considered one. However, we take a contemporary view of the legendary sports car, and trace it’s long history, and how it slipped out of view in 1980. B is for Bestseller o this day, […]

The cars : MGC

The replacement for the Austin-Healey 3000 never took off, thanks in part to a poor press launch, says Keith Adams. First published in The Independent, 4 July 2006. Classic boo-boo BRITAIN in the 1960s was a brilliant place for a single guy with money in his pocket and a hankering for something sporty to park […]

The cars : MG RV8

WORK on a new MG sports car was a running theme within Austin Rover and the Rover from 1984 onwards. The success of the MG “M” models had kept the flame of the Octagon alive, but what people wanted – and what market researchers repeatedly told the company was that the public wanted – was […]

Blog : To MGB or not to MGB – that is the question!


Mike Humble Ever said those fatal words “yeah, I can do that, no problem” and wished you hadn’t? It’s something we all say, all get burnt with and never ever seem to learn from. A very good friend of mine, who also supplied me with Project Partridge – aka the 800 Vitesse coupé, is a real Brit car […]

Events : MGB50 at Blenheim Palace

mgb50 008

Mike Humble (still drying out!) Well, as we all know, the MGB celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. MG Live! kicked off the celebrations at Silverstone, but MGB50 at Blenheim was the biggie and just for that model alone. Sadly, rain fell on the parade and I was almost inclined to turn back on the M40 […]

Essays: The MGB – The ultimate starter classic sports car?

The MGB GT - possibly the cheapest and most cost-effective first step into classic sports car ownership

Even though it’s celebrating a half-century, the MGB is still a common sight if you look hard enough. Syd Enever’s answer to affordable sports car motoring sold in colossal numbers with well over 500.000 units trundling out of the South Oxfordshire plant in Abingdon before the sad and well-publicised factory shutdown in 1980.  The smaller […]

News : ‘New’ MGB to be unveiled next month

Frontline MGB currently under development

Classics Monthly magazine has secured the world-exclusive first look at the limited edition MGB LE50, in association with Frontline Developments. Unveiling the car to the world on its stand at November’s NEC Classic Motor show, the first pictures of the body shell are revealed in the November issue on sale this week. Frontline Developments is […]

For sale : One off Aston Martin-MGB prototype


Keith Adams The one-off MGB Aston Martin prototype from 1979 has gone on sale with Nutley Sports & Prestige Centre Ltd in East Sussex. The subtlely revised sports car was produced by Aston Martin to show BL boss Michael Edwardes that the company’s future ideas for MG – and rescue of Abingdon – could be […]

Engines : C-Series

The C-Series engine was the shortest lived out of the triumvirate of BMC engines, and has since gained infamy for being the motive power behind of the MGC and Austin 3-Litre. Sadly, it’s been underrated ever since – unless you’re a Healey owner. Words: Tony Cooke Unloved, but not unworthy THE C-Series engine was the […]

Tested : MGC vs Triumph TR6

IF you were asked to describe the archetypal classic British car, it would have to be a convertible, have two seats and a lumping great engine upfront. First published in Classic Car Weekly in March 2006, RICHARD GUNN pitted two of the UK’s most famous sporting convertibles to fit straight into that mould, and came […]

Tested : MG RV8 vs TVR Griffith


The Rover V8 engine is a magnificent creation – and one that’s found its way under all manner of sports cars. Here, we’re pitting two similarly powered sporting roadsters, the new-boy from Blackpool with sexy curves to die for, and the Abingdon bruiser that puts tradition above progression… Words: Keith Adams Pictures: Alisdair Cusick Same […]