The cars : MGF/TF development history

The cars : MGF/TF development history

The MGF was an appealing mid-engined sports car that showed genuine engineering flair when it was launched – thanks to the use of VVC and Hydragas suspension. Adding icing on the cake, it was developed on a shoestring, used countless carry-over parts from the Metro and 200/400 range, and it proved a commercial success. So […]

MGF Prototypes : First and last


Keith Adams Originally posted 26 March 2011 It was strange seeing MGF prototypes PR1, PR2 and PR3 for the very first time on a recent visit to Longbridge. I had seen them in the pages of David Knowles’ excellent MGF and TF book as well as on the pages of this very website but had never really appreciated […]

Technical : Hydragas explained


Hydragas suspension was one of the quiet achievements pioneered and refined by British Leyland – and yet, it never received the praise it deserved. KEITH ADAMS briefly explains how the system works. Pioneer that led nowhere… SINCE the introduction of the Mini in 1959, BL’s predecessor, the British Motor Corporation (BMC), had been right at […]

Blog : Ten years ago today

MG TF was a very intelligent upgrade of the innovative F. And it was launched 10 years ago!

Keith Adams It’s funny how the passage of time can sometimes take you unawares. Looking at AROnline‘s fantastic ‘Archive’ feature is a great way of keeping stock of the company’s past – and it was in one of those idle moments, that I realised that the MG TF is a decade old already! To me, […]

In production : MG TF LE500

For many, the sun set on Longbridge in May 2005 when MG Rover went into administration – but three years on, and small scale car production has returned with the arrival of the MG TF LE500. CAB B as NAC MG UK now calls it currently houses the TF, but there’s room for so much […]

Gallery : MGF

The MGF and MGF VVC at its launch in 1995

The MGF was something new and exciting for the Rover Group when it appeared in 1995. Here are some of the best images of the car in Mk1 form… Gallery  

Sports car projects : MG TF GT

MGB for the 21st century? Hinted at for some time in the press, the MG GT Concept marries the well-known capabilities of the MG TF chassis and the KV6 engine, and packages them up in a pretty new hard-top body. Not yet cleared for production, it is MG Rover’s ambition to get the car into […]

Concepts : MG TF200 HPD

TF goes hybrid! The public’s perception of the hybrid car is one of a boring, low speed economy car – a car that one would only buy if there were no other option. Cars such as the impressive Honda Insight and Toyota Prius have tended to re-inforce that perception, which is a shame, because hybrid […]

Concepts : MGF XPower 500

XPowered MGF launched at Le Mans 2001, the MG XPower TF500 demonstrated that there was a fighting spirit at MG Rover; one that wanted to show the world that the company could emerge from the shadow of BMW and produce some interesting, fast and exciting new cars. Certainly, that statement of intent was underlined beautifully […]

Essays : VTEC and VVC – an approximate history

Honda VTEC

Robert Leitch  ‘Combustion is the hidden principle behind every artefact we create.’ WG Sebald – The Rings of Saturn  It is at once dispiriting and encouraging to realise the four cycle gasoline engine, the 150-year old device which has held so many of us in its thrall since the early days of the horse-less carriage, […]