After 41 years, the original and classic-in-its-own-lifetime Mini was replaced with a brand new car, Designed and engineered in the UK, after BMW insisted Rover went in the new-age Cooper direction, rather than the ‘Spiritual’ direction the British really wanted. A few post-launch wobbles, but now in its second generation, and a huge global success that has re-affirmed MINI as the builder of desirable small cars.

The cars : MINI development history

The cars : MINI development history

Replacing the Mini was never going to be the work of a moment, and was generally regarded to be one of the toughest gigs in the industry. After years of deliberation, Rover started serious work in 1993, which was soon bolstered by the arrival of BMW the following year. What we ended up with sparked […]

Buying guide : MINI 2001-2007


Replacing the classic Mini should have been a tall order, but BMW managed the job in style in 2001 – and as Keith Adams explains, they make a great second hand purchase today. Following BMW’s takeover of Rover in 1994, the Mini’s passage into the 21st century was guaranteed. The German company’s boss was a […]

Blog : MINI – Car of the Decade, 2000-2010, four years on

MINI Concept Cooper as shown at the 1997 Franfurt Show

It’s interesting to revisit this decision almost four years on - especially as the F56-generation MINI has just been launched. Will we be saying the same thing in 2020? Okay, so MG Rover petered out in 2005, but it didn’t mean we couldn’t select the first BMW-built MINI as AROnline’s Car of the Decade for the ‘Noughties’. In fact, we still reckon that […]

News : MINI marks the end of the R56′s production


The last R56 MINI has driven off the production line at Cowley. No less than 1,041,412 of the outgoing MINI have been produced at the high-tech facility, which has built more than 2.4 million MINIs since 2001. 14% of all cars built in the UK last year were MINIs, accounting for 14% of all UK […]

News : MINI adopts the outdoor life


Keith Adams The Clubvan Camper and Cowley have been shown alongside the Austrian-made Countryman ALL4 Camp and these tongue-in-cheek one offs, nicely timed for the beginning of the summer holidays, prove that the Engineers in Munich really do have a sense of humour. The three packages have clearly been inspired by the thousands of Mini […]

Tested : MINI John Cooper Works GP 1 and 2

MINI Works GP (1)

Martyn Collins compares the latest MINI Cooper Works GP with a 2006 original – his own car. Which would end up living in his garage, money no object? Words and photography: Martyn Collins A tale of two GPs I love my MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit - it was a dream purchase […]

News : MINI sells its 500,000th car in the USA

MINI Works GP (1)

It’s official: MINI has sold its 500,000th vehicle in the USA. A few days after the 11-year anniversary of its launch in the USA, and the introduction of the all-new MINI Paceman (the seventh model in the lineup), MINI USA welcomes its 500,000th new car owner. ‘This milestone is an incredible achievement for MINI, and […]

First Drive : MINI Clubvan Cooper D

Clubvan and Austin 1300 (1)

Keith Adams takes a trip to Reims in France to see if the Clubvan makes a convincing case for itself as the ultimate lifestyle light commercial vehicle. And, of course, whether it’s suited to Champagne deliveries… Club Express As assignments go, this is not a bad one. We’re to pick up a new MINI Clubvan […]

First Drive : MINI John Cooper Works GP


Considering the MINI is due for replacement in 2014, the number of new variants rolling out of Cowley in its final few months shows that the brand is keen to maintain buyers’ attention. For its latest version, MINI is reviving the limited edition two-seat 2006 Works GP, creating the fastest production version of them all. […]

News : MINI squeezes in 28 (good friends)

Record-breaking MINI

Anyone who says you can’t squeeze many people into a MINI -prepare to eat your words. A team of gym members from East Sussex has broken two Guinness World Records for the number of people inside both a classic Mini and a 2012 MINI. An amazing tally of 28 ladies crammed their way into the […]

News : MINI Paceman leaked before Paris unveil


A great spot by the MINI-oriented Motoring File website means that we’ve been ‘treated’ to a pre-Paris reveal of its the marque’s next model. The story, which was published here, shows the MINI Paceman in its natural environment, south east London. The new car, which is a more lifestyle-focused version of the Maxi, sorry, Countryman, […]

News : MINI JCW GP full details revealed


Keith Adams As before, back in 2006, the ultimate production MINI is being rolled out within months of its replacement’s appearance. The MINI John Cooper Works GP packs 215bhp for a 0-60mph time of 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 150mph. But it’s the car’s coilover suspension and uprated brakes which push the car […]