In production : Cowley timeline

Rover 800 production at Cowley.

EARLY last century, amidst the green meadows to the south of the dreaming spires of Oxford City, there was a village called Temple Cowley. In one corner of this village there was a large, dilapidated building that had once been a military college but was left empty for 20 years, until… 1912 to 1919 William […]

Blog : To think it’s less than 20 years ago…


Keith Adams Reading through my back issues of CAR Magazine to research a feature about the Jaguar X300, I unearthed a brilliant piece that I’d forgotten all about. Back in 1994, TV journalist Michael Kirsch had trekked into the war zone of Bosnia-Herzegovina to extricate three locals who’d saved his life a year previously and […]

Concepts and prototypes : The Minor that got away

Morris racer

Andrew Elphick dives into the archive and finds a forgotten ‘nearly’ entry into the World Sportscar Championship 36 years ago in 1977… Perhaps Porsche will never know how close it came to losing the 1977 world championship for makes. Unthinkable? Possibly, but one must remember that during the course of last season, most of the […]

Video : Morris Marina advert (1971)


Beauty with brains behind it… The Morris Marina was to be the bright white Knight of the recently created British Leyland Motor Corporation when it hit the market in 1971 – this advert did a great job of making it seem sexy enough to entice Britain’s hard-working sales reps. Would you think any manufacturer would […]

Blog : Thirty years ago this month – Morris Motors RIP


Keith Adams July 1982. It’s a long time ago now. In fact, more than a generation distant from where we are now. Back then, the talk was of recession, the Falklands War, and Bucks Fizz. And although hadn’t quite quite escaped the last vestiges of 1970s bleakness, the more visionary among us could see a […]

eBay Find of the Week : Morris Ital time-capsule for sale

Morris Ital with 300 miles on eBay

Keith Adams Never, ever underestimate the ability for our classic car market to turn up some amazing barn find cars. We recently told you about a Rover 200 with 12 miles on the clock which was up for sale and this Morris Ital will seem positively mileagey in comparison, having covered 300 miles – but, for those who […]

Not their finest hour : Morris Marina and Ital

At least as far as mechanical simplicity was concerned - The Marina & Ital were a picnic!

We take another lighthearted look at some of the cars which will be forever remembered for all the wrong reasons. Mike Humble takes another journey back in time and recalls the car which should have put him off BL related products for life, but instead, got him hooked…. The Morris Marina and Ital. Practical classic, […]

Blog : Bent-Eight Marinas

Morris Marina V8

Ian Elliott In the recent thread about 2-litre Itals/Marinas, the subject of V8-engined Marinas was brought up. If I have rambled about this in any previous AROnline submission, I apologise, but here goes: Stuffing V8s into small, unsuspecting family cars is a long-practiced amusement of the hot-rodding fraternity, and the more unlikely the starting point, […]

Police cars : Morris

The Morris Minor was a very popular Panda car throughout the 1960s. Also shown here is what must be one of the rarest of police cars, the Morris 1800, which was sold for just seven months before being relauched as the Princess. Morris Minor A Metropolitan Police Force Morris Minor Panda car. A Morris Minor […]

Commericials : GPO/BT vans

The installation and maintenance of Britain’s telephone network was originally the responsibility of the Post Office, and as with their purchases of Royal Mail vans, Morris (and later BMC) was traditionally the favoured supplier. This virtual stranglehold was broken in the 1970s, although BL/Austin Rover continued to supply vans during the 1980s, a decade which […]