Concepts and prototypes : The Minor that got away

Morris racer

Andrew Elphick dives into the archive and finds a forgotten ‘nearly’ entry into the World Sportscar Championship 36 years ago in 1977… Perhaps Porsche will never know how close it came to losing the 1977 world championship for makes. Unthinkable? Possibly, but one must remember that during the course of last season, most of the […]

Police cars : Morris

The Morris Minor was a very popular Panda car throughout the 1960s. Also shown here is what must be one of the rarest of police cars, the Morris 1800, which was sold for just seven months before being relauched as the Princess. Morris Minor A Metropolitan Police Force Morris Minor Panda car. A Morris Minor […]

Commericials : GPO/BT vans

The installation and maintenance of Britain’s telephone network was originally the responsibility of the Post Office, and as with their purchases of Royal Mail vans, Morris (and later BMC) was traditionally the favoured supplier. This virtual stranglehold was broken in the 1970s, although BL/Austin Rover continued to supply vans during the 1980s, a decade which […]

News : Celebrating the Minor Million’s 50th

Morris Minor Million

A number of Morris Minors were on show at the Heritage Motor Centre on the 4th January, 2011 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Minor Million. The special event was organised in conjunction with the Morris Minor Owners Club. The one millionth Morris Minor rolled off the production line on the 4th January, 1961 and […]

Morris Minor Million reaches 50…

The millionth Minor rolls off the line at Cowley on 4 January 1961

The British Automotive Industry reached a hugely important landmark on the 4th January, 1961. That day was earmarked for the launch of a limited edition Morris Minor aptly named the ‘Morris Minor 1,000,000’, by the British Motor Corporation Ltd. The occasion was the production of a million vehicles of the same basic design. This was a […]

Why we love the… Morris Minor Traveller

Dave Taylor tells all about his love affair with Rose… “Rose” is a 1966 Morris Minor Traveller. She is called Rose because of her colour: Rose Taupe (a fanciful description for a sort of mauve-tinted brown). It’s not the most exciting colour in the car manufacturer’s catalogue, but it is practical in hiding some of […]

Archive : End of the Minor

End Of The Minor The Morris Minor saloon is to be phased out of production at the end of this year, British Leyland Motor Corporation announced yesterday. But the Minor Traveller estate car and delivery van will still be made and saloons will be available for another 12 months. One of the British motor industry’s […]

Archive : Morris Minor to stay in current form

1962 Morris Minor to continue in production in current form

MORRIS MINOR TO STAY IN PRESENT FORM FROM OUR MOTORING CORRESPONDENT An announcement by the British Motor Corporation yesterday assured the continuance in its present form of the Morris Minor four-cylinder car. To offset rumours to the contrary, B.M.C. said that the Morris 1000 was to continue in production for some long time to come. […]