Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque is a premium luxury small off-roader based on the Land Rover Freelander, and sold at a handsome premium. Styled by Julian Thomson and Jeremy Waterman, i’s great to look at, desirable and highly profitable for its maker.

Concepts : Land Rover LRX


The second ever Land Rover concept was revealed at the 2008 Detroit motor show, after being previewed to the press in December 2007. It was a design masterpiece, and few would have suspected that it would go into production with almost unchanged styling just three years later. In fact, we’re struggling to think of any car […]

News : High-power Evoque set for launch in Geneva

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography

The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show and it promises to be the most focused version yet, with more power and sharper responses – giving the car real GTI-matching pace. The Dynamic derivative is powered by a 282bhp version of the Evoque’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, with keener response promised […]

News : Range Rover Evoque gets nine-speeds


Land Rover is to show the first passenger car to be fitted with a nine-speed gearbox at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The automatic gearbox, developed by ZF, will be fitted initially to the Range Rover Evoque, and should offer improved economy, reduced emissions and a quieter ride. It also has the benefit of offering […]

First Drive : Range Rover Evoque ED4 Pure Coupe

The Evoque's success continues as Land Rover sales continue to rise.

The Evoque has been a massive hit for Land Rover – as soon as it was launched, demand for the stylish mini-SUV-crossover with concept car looks outstripped supply, and a waiting list has built up. But despite that, it seems that we’re seeing Evoques everywhere – and good British design on our roads is back […]

Blog : Evoque soothes this fevered brow

Behind the wheel of an Evoque... finally!

Keith Adams I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time. Since January 2004, in fact. It was all the way back then that Land Rover unveiled its amazing Range Stormer concept. At the time, the idea of a sporting two-door SUV seemed just a little-bit far-fetched, and yet thanks […]

Video : Victoria Beckham on her Evoque


The exclusively designed Range Rover Evoque Special Edition is the result of a collaboration between Land Rover Design, led by Gerry McGovern with Victoria Beckham, winner of the coveted Designer Brand of the Year award at the 2011 British Fashion Awards. Victoria was appointed Creative Design Executive in July 2010 and has worked with the […]

News : ‘Posh’ Evoque looks set to do the business

Range Rover Evoque by Victoria Beckham

Keith Adams A new top-line Range Rover Evoque has been launched at the Auto China 2012 motor show. The Victoria Beckham-designed Special Edition will be built to order, with no more than 200 leaving Land Rover’s Halewood factory. The car, which is the next step in a relationship between the model and Land Rover first […]

News : Bollinger Evoque at a bar near you…


Keith Adams An unlikely partnership, or a synergy of brands? Whatever way you look at, it, the idea of a Range Rover Evoque Bollinger edition is an appealing one. Crafted by Range Rover in collaboration with Italian customisers Aznom, this unique Evoque features a wine-red paintjob with bronze trim and a matt black roof, with […]

Geneva 2012 : Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Range Rover Evoque Convertible concept

Words: Keith Adams Photography: Newspress The Evoque Convertible might well be the answer to a question that no one’s yet asked, but if it goes into production, the chances are it’s going to sell. Currently listed as a concept, it’s clear that Land Rover has put a lot of thought into examining this untapped new […]

News : Evoque drops its top at Geneva


Keith Adams Land Rover, it seems, is going niche-hunting. The well-received Range Rover Evoque, winner of the AROnline Reader car of the year, has lifted its lid for the Geneva show – and you can guarantee that this ‘concept’ will be leading to a production version very soon. Built very much to test the public’s […]