The cars : Roewe 750 development history


Faux-Rover Throughout 2003 and 2004, MG Rover appeared to be going through its own private hell – with a falling market share, much negative publicity surrounding the ‘Phoenix Four’, and a model range perceived as ageing by the motoring press. However, despite what appeared to be an impending doomsday scenario to outsiders, MG Rover executives […]

News : Roewe at Auto China 2012

Roewe 950

Keith Adams Auto China 2012 officially saw the severing of the genetic ties between SAIC Motor’s faux-UK brand and the Rover products it formerly based its cars upon. The impressive new car that headed up Roewe’s motor show hoopla was the 950, which is based closely on the Buick LaCrosse/Saab 9-5, nestling atop a GM […]

News : Dual clutch for Roewe 550 and 750

Exciting technology for Roewe 550 and 750

Ash Sutcliffe Dual clutch technology is a big thing for Volkswagen, who of course make cars with Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation in Shanghai, now SAIC is planning to put dual clutch technology into their own cars. It’s not clear who the supplying company will be for the gearbox or if SAIC have managed to develop […]

First drive : Roewe 750E

WE’D been left waiting for a while… but after a hiatus of just over 18 months, production of the Rover 75 restarted. And to greet the re-invention, some style improvements were made – oh yes, and it’s now made in China. The Roewe 750E might look like a Rover 75, and could well feel like […]