200/400 (R8)

The cars : Rover 200/400 development history

The cars : Rover 200/400 development history

Rover comes good. NOW Rover was safely tucked under the wing of British Aerospace, the company was starting to begin to look like a viable, going concern: Graham Day had made some painful cuts in the business during his short tenure as Chairman and Managing Director of Rover, but thanks to the comparative excellence of […]

Our Cars : Friends re-united at the Peterborough BMC Rally

Our Cars : Friends re-united at the Peterborough BMC Rally

Mike Humble Another year… another show, and this time it was the BMC and BL Rally at Nene Park in Peterborough. This particular event is one is one I have never attended until now, and I`m glad that I did because the sun shone almost as brightly as the cars on display. This year, AROnline […]

Our cars : Rover 216GSi’s second Life

Our cars : Rover 216GSi’s second Life

Today, our old Rover 216GSi starts into a new lease of life – hopefully a successful one… Words and photography: Alexander Boucke Three years and almost two months ago, the useful life seemed over for our beautiful 1991 Rover 216, not without reason – although reliable, the Honda engine used rather inconvenient amounts of oil, […]

Unsung Heroes : Rover 420 Tourer

Unsung Heroes : Rover 420 Tourer

AROnline takes a another look at the decent metal which once adorned the highways and by-ways of our green and pleasant land. Mike Humble again, snatches the keys to one of Rovers finer cars. Far from being the most spacious or cheapest hold all on the market, this one had that vital ingredient that placed […]

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Engines : K-Series

Engines : K-Series

In taking over from the venerable A-series, Rover’s hi-tech new engine had a hard act to follow. However, it went on to earn itself an enviable reputation for fragility in both four- and six-cylinder forms. KEITH ADAMS discusses this controversial engine… The light fantastic HOW to replace the irreplaceable A-series engine? Build a light, powerful […]

Essay : Why I don’t love the Rover R8…

Ardent supporter of BMC>MG products, man and boy, Steven Ward decides to call time on the Rover R8… Was it as good as it’s cracked up to be? So, AROnline has voted the R8 as its collective car for 2009. It is a fine and worthy choice, no doubt about it. It showed that Longbridge […]

Gallery : Honda Concerto TD

Gallery : Honda Concerto TD

Diesel disadvantage THERE has always been a big gap in demand for diesel powered car between Japan and Europe. In countries such as Italy and France, diesel has long enjoyed a significant tax advantage over petrol, meaning that during times when crude oil prices were at their lowest, DERV was little more than half the […]

Gallery : Rover 200/400

1989 Rover 200-Series In 1989, the 200 range appeared with the Rover K-Series engine (intially in 95PS form), with the upper range 216 models featuring the single-cam Honda D-Series engine. Initial range looked like this: 214Si, 214SLi, 214GSi, 216SLi, 216GSi (oh, how simple it looked back then…) The classy five-door soon picked up a following […]

Buying guide : Rover 200/400

Buying an R8 Fancy a Rover 200/400? Here’s what to look out for… Words: Mike Humble Availability Years produced: 1989-1998 Body style: three- and five-door hatchback, four-door saloon, two-door coupé two-door cabriolet, five-door estate. Engine options: Petrol: 1.4 (8v), 1.4 (16v), 1.6-1.8 and 2.0 Diesel: 1.8-1.8 (turbo) Transmission options: Five-speed manual; four-speed Honda auto, and […]

BMC>MG’s Top Ten sellers : 1952-2005

Keith Adams WITH THE number of BMC/Leyland/Rover cars on our roads diminishing rapidly, we take stock of the successive companies’ ten most popular cars during the post-war years. Some of these numbers are going to shock you, simply because the cars are so rare on the road now. In fact, even the latest car on […]

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Car of the month : September 2010

The Rover 200/400 looks crisp and exciting over two decades on from its launch. Early ones are getting rare now, and Mike Humble’s example is one of the best… Words and pictures: Mike Humble The high watermark A lovely car in a lovely(ish) setting… I NEVER get emotionally tied to cars. Yes I enjoy them […]

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The best used car in the real world?

The best used car in the real world?

Roger Blaxall Friday, 30th November. It’s a very special date for me – two years ago I took the plunge and invested all of £150 in a Rover 416 SLi saloon. A foolish move? Well, so far, so good – it’s been one of the best cars I’ve ever bought* It all started so predictably […]

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Car of the month : November 2008

Another of AROnline‘s international readers dazzles us with their sensational Rover. This time, it’s a 216GTi and it lives in Buenos Airies in Argentina – not exactly your typical stamping ground for the R8. Its owner, Alejandro Cáceres tells the story of how he fell for Rovers, and why he’s now the proud owner of […]

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Car of the month : August 2008

We like rescue stories, and none come better than this one – caught languishing on the forums by Trevor Hallworth, this 220GSi, has been fastidiously kept, and had it not been for his eagle eye, could well have been heading for the dog-house. In white and with just over 40,000 miles on the clock, this […]

Car of the month : March 2008

Still regarded as Rover’s highest watermark since the P6, the Rover R8 fought a tough battle with the Escort and Astra for sales supremecy in the hatchback market in the UK during the early 1990s. Sadly, that momentum wasn’t maintained with the R8′s replacement… and taking a look at this one shows why – it’s […]

Car of the month : June 2007

It’s been a while since we featured a modified car for the monthly honour at austin-rover.co.uk, and thought it was a situation that needed amending. The car in question is a pretty Tomcat, owned by Mark Gomer, who actually pretty much bought the car by accident, then fell in love with it subsequently. His modification […]

Car of the month : November 2006

For a while, commentators have marked the Rover Tomcat out as a future classic. Well, we reckon they’re wrong… as they all ready are. The car already has a cult following, and the best examples are already being cared for in a way that you simply don’t see with many other cars produced during this […]

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Car of the month : April 2006

The Rover R8 is one our readers’ favourite cars, as its high ranking in the 2004′s poll to find the BMC>Rover top ten clearly demonstates… Here is a particular nice example which proves the R8 is on the verge to getting a collectors car – certainly in mainland Europe, where a car like this is […]

Car of the month : December 2005

We end the saddest of years in Rover’s history with perhaps a snapshot of the state of the marque as it stands today – a high-mileage, diesel powered R8… Before you start emailing to complain about the distinctly dodgy choice of car, KEITH ADAMS explains why Andrew Carr’s high-mileage example deserves to be the final […]

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Car of the month : April 2005

The Rover R8 has been hailed by many as one of the best cars Rover ever built – certainly, during its production run, it gained a wide acceptance from family car buyers, wowed by its classy looks, advanced features and (just) accessible pricing… Alexander’s R8 – the GSi model – headed the range in Germany […]