200/25/MG ZR

The cars : Rover 200/25 and MG ZR


Developed as a Metro replacement, on a shoestring and using a whole host of carry-over parts, the re-born Rover 200 should have possessed all the appeal of a damp weekend in the Lake District. However, thanks to clever packaging and classy styling, it was really rather good – shame, though, that it was horrendously overpriced […]

Buying guide : Rover 25/MG ZR


Fancy a Rover 25 or its MG ZR sister? Here’s what to look out for… Words: Mike Humble Availability Years produced: 1999-2005 Body styles: three- and five-door hatchback, three-door van (MG and Rover). Offered as Rover 25, Streetwise, MG ZR Engine options: Petrol: 1.1-1.4 (16v), 1.4 (16v), 1.6 and 1.8 Diesel: 2.0 (turbo) Transmission options: […]

Your Cars : Tony Turner’s Rover 25 GTI

Solar red in the sunshine – I think the shape’s aged quite well and unless you know, there’s not much to distinguish it from the usual pensioner’s shopping trolley.

Now you see it… Tony Turner explains how a Rover 25 GTI came into his life. Well, it was all my late wife’s fault – when she was still around, she decided she wanted a more practical long-distance vehicle than our long-serving Morris Minor, and that it would be a Rover 25. Mine not to […]

Sales Talk : Treading carefully with over-inflated egos


Mike Humble I used to work for one of the biggest dealer chains in the country, and before it was taken over by another equally huge group, it was a pleasant outfit to work for – providing you pulled your weight. I transferred over to a nearby Vauxhall site eventually, but at first, my role involved selling new […]

Why we love the… Rover 200BRM LE

Kevin Davis explains the reasons why the Rover BRM lights his fire. Mention the words Limited Edition and instantly, visions of a poverty spec supermini spring to mind with snazzy wheel trims, an aftermarket sunroof, a silly stripe down the sides and a stupid name (Renault 19 Be Bop springs to mind). Thankfully, the Rover […]

Tested: Rover Streetwise

Streetwise was conceived to entice younger buyers back behind the wheel of Rover products, and cash in on the boom in leisure-orientated vehicles. Over the last couple of decades, customers had been increasingly looking for cars that not only looked good, but also proved practical and tough in the city. This new breed of car, […]

Tested: Rover 25 1.4iXL

Rover 200 was launched in 1995 to great acclaim; in 1999 it received a comprehensive makeover to become the 25. How did it stand up in 2004′s competitive market? Roger Blaxall finds out… Remember the Fiat 128? A former Car of the Year, the European motoring icon was a fabulous small saloon, typifying Fiat’s approach […]

Tested: Rover Commerce

Rover goes niche finding again. My on-off love affair with the Rover 25 is on again. And surprisingly, my admiration for the model’s been re kindled after driving the ‘Uriah Heep’ of the current range, the Commerce van. Once, Austin and Morris car derived vans were the bread and butter of many a fleet – […]

Tested: MG Express

The idea of a “boy racer” van has been down before, but not by MG Rover or any of its antecedents. The result is the MG Express, and for the moment, it is touted as being the fastest delivery van in the country – and with 160bhp, one can see why! Roger Blaxall tests the […]

Rover 200/25/MG ZR : Picture gallery

Images of the David Saddington-styled Rover 200… Following on from the curvaceous 600, the 200 was a logical progression of this theme. Launched in 1995, the 200 was immediately on the pace of its rivals, but because of the company’s problems, it was not replaced in 2002, as it was scheduled to have been. This […]

MGs for a new millennium: from X to Z

When John Towers‘ Phoenix bid was accepted by BMW, he knew that there would be a long, hard road ahead to restoring the image of the company, so badly eroded by the BMW debacle. Obviously, a major coup for the company was in keeping hold of the valuable MG nameplate, and this was soon celebrated […]