200 (SD3)

The cars : Rover 213/216 development history

The cars : Rover 213/216 development history

For some, it was a badge too far, but for others, it was a sensible new direction for the Rover marque. Which ever side of the ‘Ro-nda’ fence you sit on, there’s no denying the Rover 213 and 216 were a good move for a struggling BL, and demonstrated that people would pay extra for […]

News : Unused 1988 Rover 213 sells for £5000


Original Story: John Coles – Sun on Sunday Rover’s little feel good saloon as we all know, was a massive success for the Austin Rover Group from 1984 through to 1990. The first of the proper collaborations between ARG and Honda, the 200 range not only looked posh, but for the first time in a […]

For sale : SD3 with 12, yes 12 miles on the clock!

Hyacinth Bucket wannabes step this way...

Keith Adams If you’re in the market to re-live a prime slice of 1980s motoring (or indeed 1990s BBC sitcoms), then this Rover 213S, which  has just popped up for sale on Car and Classic will be right up your street. Claimed by the seller to have a mere 12 miles on the clock, it’s […]

Unsung Heroes : Rover 213/216

In original 1984 Guise - The Rover 213 Vanden Plas

One car that marked a milestone in the long and chequered history of BL Cars Ltd was the Rover 200 range of 1984. Another collaboration with Honda akin to the Acclaim, but with much more British input and proving to the world that we could screw a car together. Nimble, compact and with svelte interiors […]

Car of the month : March 2010

It seems like nice Rover 200s are really coming out of the woodwork now, with several having appeared in the space of a few short weeks, reassuring lovers of Hyacynth Bucket’s jumped up saloon car that they’ve made the classic car grade. This example is particularly impressive, not only because it looks more timeless than […]