400/45/MG ZS

The cars : Rover 400/45/MG ZS development history

The cars : Rover 400/45/MG ZS development history

Intended to be the cornerstone of Rover’s late-1990s growth, the 400 hatchback and saloon were vitally important new cars – not least because they were to replace the best-selling 1989 200/400. However with the final Rover co-developed with Honda, they got the pricing and dynamic mix wrong, and just as quickly as the original 200/400 […]

Engines : K-Series


In taking over from the venerable A-series, Rover’s hi-tech new engine had a hard act to follow. However, it went on to earn itself an enviable reputation for fragility in both four- and six-cylinder forms. KEITH ADAMS discusses this controversial engine… The light fantastic HOW to replace the irreplaceable A-series engine? Build a light, powerful […]

MGs for a new millennium: from X to Z

When John Towers‘ Phoenix bid was accepted by BMW, he knew that there would be a long, hard road ahead to restoring the image of the company, so badly eroded by the BMW debacle. Obviously, a major coup for the company was in keeping hold of the valuable MG nameplate, and this was soon celebrated […]

In-house designs : Rover 425KV6

Sporting Rover ARGUABLY, the Rover 400 was viewed with disappointment among buyers and certain elements within Rover itself. That said, the Richard Woolley penned saloon version was a huge improvement over the five-door hatchback, and Rover admitted as much, when at the launch of the five-door hatchback, they told us that the “Real 400″ would […]

Car of the month : August 2009

The MG ZS was always considered the ugly duckling of the MG Rover range, but as Adam Sloman has shown with his own example, a few well-chosen modifications and a revised front end certainly sharpen things up. What do you think? Should the MG ZS have received more recognition when new, and is it a […]

Car of the month : July 2008

The Rover 400 was a disappointing replacement for the 200/400 range, but that hasn’t stopped Stephen Golder picking and choosing the best parts he can to upgrade his unusual Honda powered Automatic version. One of the last of the line, you can guarantee this is one well-sorted example of the breed. Words and Pictures: Stephen […]

Car of the month : August 2004

The MG ZS has established itself with those-in-the-know as a driver’s car of merit. However, it also seems to have ended up as one of those traditional BMC>Rover specialities: the underrated gem… austin-rover.co.uk sample two of the breed to decide just how good they are, whether they can be improved and if they’re not selling […]

Archive : MG Rover unveils new models

MG ZR, ZS and ZT unveiled today

MG Rover has unveiled four new sportier models as its new owners begin the long process of getting the loss making car maker back on the road to profit. The firm took the wraps off three sports saloon cars codenamed X10, X20 and X30 – and an MG special edition.  The glitzy launch comes eight […]

Archive : Revamped Rovers must see out the century

THE GUARDIAN Nicholas Bannister The Guardian, Wednesday 20 October 1999 02.09 BST Two cars which will go a long way to determining Rover’s fate were launched yesterday amid flashing lights and loud music. The Rover 25 and 45 are revamped versions of the group’s tired 200 and 400 models, and will carry Rover’s small-car flag […]

Archive : Rover returns

The struggling Rover company is unveiling its new hopes – the 25 and 45 – at the London Motor Show. Rover is pinning its hopes on the new models. If they sell, the company will survive; if not, its future could be jeoparised. The 45 was unveiled with music, lights and models Supermodel Kate Moss […]