The cars : Rover 600 development history

The cars : Rover 600 development history

Replacing the Montego with a Honda-based product was never going to be straightforward… …and in the end, the Rover 600 never replaced it at all. A new era begins THE fifth major Honda collaboration with Rover was a project to replace the upper Montego models, whilst opening up new markets for Rover – to produce […]

Unsung Heroes : Rover 620ti

Rovers true Q car - The 620 Ti

We take yet another look at the cars which once littered the highways and by-ways of the UK. This one is often regarded as a talented machine which was handsome, refined, well built and astonishingly capable when driven hard. Mike Humble  explains all – and gets emotional. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury… The Rover 620ti The quiet […]

The Moss Rover 600

We all know just how much of an underrated sporting saloon the Rover 620ti is – but back in the 1990s, Moss International tried to raise its profile by starting a sideline offering tuning parts… at a price. Kevin Davis tells the story, and recounts a failure in bonded plastic and carbon fibre. A kitch […]

Rover 600 : It’s not who you know, but what!

Mike Humble bags a Rover 620ti shaped bargain, and loves the experience… …but now he wants another one. Words and pictures: Mike Humble A turbocharged bargain BACK in the days when I had some disposable income, I was flicking through the pages of the local paper motors section when I spotted a friend-of-a-friend’s garage selling […]

Rough guide to : Buying a Rover 600 diesel

Rover 600 - a great diesel for very little money

Now very much in the bargain basement, the 600 is perhaps the most reliable and dependable of all the Rover diesels left on the second hand market. The bargain diesel Rover’s tie-up with Honda was yet another of those squandered golden opportunities handed to the British motor industry. By the time the 600 arrived in […]

Rover 600 : Buying guide

Rover 600 : Buying guide

ROVER’S 620ti is currently the best-value used performance saloon you can buy. Thanks to contributions from Matt Hicks of the MG-Rover.org and various members of the AROnline forums, we have been able to piece together the pros and cons of buying one of these Q-Cars. Availability Years produced: 1994-1999 Body style: 4-door saloon Engine options: […]

Essays : Short-selling the Syncro


Steven Ward, ever the critical second-rate Salesman, lays bare some of the 600′s faults and failures. I’m annoyed, very annoyed – and have been for quite a while now - by this subject. It could be argued that Volkswagen’s recent ‘trendiness’ and profitable trading is down to two factors: the success of the Mk5 Volkswagen Passat (MY96) and […]

Essays : Adspace, Rover 600

Was the Rover 620ti the world’s best never-advertised quick saloon? KEVIN DAVIS reckons so, and tells us how Rover missed a golden opportunity to stick one on its German owners… The ti’s the limit… THE Rover 600 Series was a competent enough range based largely on the awkward looking Honda Accord. Though the 600 Series […]

Archive : As British as the Japanese can make

JONATHAN GLANCEY, THE INDEPENDENT The Rover 600 is a triumph of foreign know-how and bolt-on nostalgia. Jonathan Glancey welcomes it THIRTY years ago Rover unveiled its 2000 model, a four-door saloon boasting innovative engineering and uncompromisingly modern looks. Styled by David Blache – the designer who later gave shape to the Range-Rover – this well-built […]