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The cars : Rover 75/MG ZT development history


The 75 was the first Rover for a generation to be produced without tight budgetary constraints – and it showed with almost previously unheard of engineering quality. However, BMW’s Chairman decided to torpedo the car – and the company that produced it – at its launch in 1998, casting a long shadow over over Rover’s […]

Buying guide : Rover 75

Does the 75 1.8 pass the bangernomics acid test? - We think so.

Rover’s bargain 75 offers class, refinement and ability for not much money. Richard Dredge gives you the low-down on the front wheel drive models… Availability Years produced: 1999-2005 Body style: 4-door, 5-door estate Engine options: 1796cc K-Series, 115bhp 1796cc K-Series Turbo, 150bhp 1991cc KV6-Series, 150bhp 2497cc KV6-Series, 177bhp 1951cc M47-Series CDT, 116/131bhp Transmission options: 5-speed […]

Concepts and prototypes : Rover 75


Not a lot of pictures of the R40′s development programme have surfaced; mainly because Richard Woolley’s 1993 design was considered so successful, it didn’t change between the time the clay model was finalised, and the launch of the car five years later. However, the interior was subject to a lot of soul searching, and two […]

Essay : Rover 75 revisited


What would Rover produced during the 1990s without Honda or BMW to influence the situation? Inspired by Roy Axe’s AR18 prototype photos, AROnline‘s very own engineering genius Robert Leitch cooks up an enticing recipe for Rover’s 1990s’ growth… Words: Robert Leitch Doing it Rover’s way… THE APPEARANCE of those previously unseen Rover 700 pictures made […]

Concepts and prototypes : MG ZT XPower 385


The most powerful version of the rear-wheel drive MG ZT spent a long time in development – and in the end it didn’t make it into production, as time ran out for it. Wearing the coveted chassis number one, the ZT XPower 385 is another of those fascinating might-have-beens that never saw the light of […]

Prototypes : Zhonghua 75-800


It is well known that Rover and China Brilliance were in talks regarding the co-development of a next-generation of executive cars, but as things had gone quiet, and with BMW stepping into the fray, the deal was called off. However, according to Erik van Ingen Schenau, a rather interesting ‘Rover 75′ appeared in China in […]

Blog : Rover 75 launch – where did the time go?

Rover 75 launch_Snapseed

Keith Adams Fourteen years ago today, Rover unveiled the production version of the 75 to the press in an expansive and ambitious event at Tower Bridge in London. It wasn’t the first time the car had been seen – it was officially unveiled at the previous year’s NEC Motor Show alongside the Jaguar S-Type. Yes, […]

Blog : Living the dream

tourer 2 002 (600x345)

Steven Ward Exactly a decade ago this week, I had the opportunity to live out a childhood dream; that is to buy a brand new car at an International motor show.  Naturally, the car came from our dear old MG-Rover Group and the show was Birmingham’s Motor Fair. The location was of course in the […]

Blog : Rover 75 V8 – the modern classic?

Rover 75 V8

Keith Adams I still vividly remember the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. The extent of MG Rover’s troubles following the November 2003 expose about ‘irregularities’ in its directors’ pay packets had yet to become too widespread, and there was still a degree of optimism for the company’s future. At the show, the wraps came off the […]

Blog : Rover 75 – Dream or nightmare?

Warren's Rover 75 - an all-night drive across New Zealand was a great introduction

Warren Loveridge, New Zealand What’s with the Rover 75? It has plagued my dreams for years. Those sweeping lines, that unparalleled interior, the element of tragedy about what must surely be one of the best saloons the British have ever built. I’ve gazed at them admiringly ever since they first appeared. I sat in them […]

MacNeillie Rover 75s

The long and the short of how the 75 was stretched… MacNeillie Regency In 1999, the 800-based Regency gave way to a new version based on the Rover 75, again available in 6-door form and aimed primarily at the funeral trade, although it could also be ordered with full armour-plating and bomb-resistance for the protection […]