The cars : Rover Metro/100 development history

The cars : Rover Metro/100 development history

Under the skin, there was plenty to crow about the Rover Metro of 1990 – the K-Series engine and interconnected Hydragas suspension were a technical marvel in this class. However, the same-again styling stunted its long term sales success…  Metromorphosis THE story of the Rover Metro is one of missed opportunities, a convoluted development programme […]

News : ‘New’ Metro Cabrio unearthed in Germany

Rover Metro Cabriolet (1)

Keith Adams AROnline‘s Deputy Editor, Alexander Boucke, has just spotted this beauty for sale not far from his home in Germany. The car, a 1995 Rover 114 Cabriolet is unusual enough, especially in mainland Europe, but what makes this one especially exciting is that it has a mere 58km on the clock – it’s effectively […]

News : Alex Moulton’s R6 development Metro sold

Austin Metro - Moulton Developments (2)

Keith Adams The car that was instrumental in the development of the Rover Metro/100 has been sold by Bonhams for £1035 at its final auction of the year. The 1981 Austin Metro 1.3S was owned from new by Moulton Developments and, like so many of the good Doctor’s cars, was highly modified from original specification. […]

Technical : Hydragas explained


Hydragas suspension was one of the quiet achievements pioneered and refined by British Leyland – and yet, it never received the praise it deserved. KEITH ADAMS briefly explains how the system works. Pioneer that led nowhere… SINCE the introduction of the Mini in 1959, BL’s predecessor, the British Motor Corporation (BMC), had been right at […]

Blog : The Rover 100 still rules the roost

Ben's nan's Rover 100

Ben Adams The Rover Metro/100-the best (spare) car in the real world? I write this after completing a 200 mile journey from West Sussex back up to my home in Staffordshire. Its 10.35 at night yet I am not tired nor am I suffering from any backache whatsoever. For the past three weeks and 1200 […]

Concepts : 1991 Rover Metro SP

rover_specials 9103 metro sp models2

Rover Special Products wanted to recreate the magic of the early-’80s by producing a spiritual successor to the MG Metro Turbo. The Metro SP was that car, and it made it to full-sized styling prototype. Keith Adams Special K While Rover Special Products had handed out the Montego Lifestyle and Maestro-based Tarka to Steve Harper […]

Unsung Heroes : Rover Metro/114 GTa

As cute as a Labrador puppy yet just as simple - the ultra popular Rover GTa

AROnline takes a another look at the cars which once littered the streets of blighty which now are vanishing fast. We love the Rover Metro/100 and the mildy-sporting GTa proved that power isn’t everything when cheeky charm is in abundance. Mike Humble grabs the keys… The little bounder As cute as a Labrador puppy yet […]

Essay: does going topless lose its appeal?


Richard Kilptrick Back in 1992, when I gained that hugely valuable slip of paper allowing me to drive anything, anywhere (within reason), I had one thing on my mind. Well, two. Only one’s relevant to this article though. I was utterly obsessed with topless models. Yes, the glorious red four-door Chevette that gave me those […]

Engines : K-Series


In taking over from the venerable A-series, Rover’s hi-tech new engine had a hard act to follow. However, it went on to earn itself an enviable reputation for fragility in both four- and six-cylinder forms. KEITH ADAMS discusses this controversial engine… The light fantastic HOW to replace the irreplaceable A-series engine? Build a light, powerful […]

Tested : Battle of the Scouts // Škoda v Metro

Tough, small multi-activity hatchbacks such as the Skoda Roomster Scout are all the rage now, but Rover could have got in on the act 15 years ago… and been at the head of the queue… Keith Adams compares and contrasts two remarkably similar packages, separated by a mere 15-years… Scout trip WITH its uber-trendy multi-function […]