The cars : Rover P6


Revolution, not evolution In an era where manufacturers will spend huge amounts of time cultivating their image, ensuring that they do not stray too far from their designated market slots, and that any new products that do represent a step into the unknown, are market researched to the nth degree, it is hard to relate […]

Blog : The Rover P6 – can it really be 50 years old?

Rover P6

Keith Adams According to our archive, it’s 50 years since the Rover P6 was first launched. Again, it’s another of those birthdays that catches the more casual car enthusiast by surprise. After all, I can remember these smoking around as nearly new cars – driven by establishment types for whom the SD1 was simply a […]

Engines : Rover V8


An heroic engine During the late 1950s, the US car industry turned to aluminium as a material to build their engines from. The reasons for this have been well documented, but primarily it was the quest for lighter weight and greater efficiency that led the producers to choose this route. One such manufacturer who embraced […]

Projects and prototypes: Rover P6


Front and rear suspension Styling sketch Scale models Interior schemes Full-sized clays The final stages… All pictures supplied by Ian Nicholls

Crayford Estoura : Rover P6 five-door


While Triumph enjoyed considerable success with the estate version of the 2000 saloon, Rover seemed happy to leave that sector of the market entirely open to their old rival. However, Battersea-based coachbuilders FLM Panelcraft picked up Rover’s dropped ball and produced their own estate conversion of the highly successful P6. Around 160 examples were bult, […]

Why we love the… Rover P6


Michael Thomas on what it was that made the Rover P6 a great car… Why have I fallen for the Rover P6? It’s something that began twenty-five years ago. In 1978, as a seven year old, my mother was unwell and unable to pick me and my brother up from school. The job fell to […]

5th (7.8%): Rover P6/P6B


During the post-War years, Rover carved out a reputation as a maker of solid, middle-class cars, so typified by the “Auntie” tag. The P6 was a watershed car for the company, because it blew that image into the weeds forever… Quantum leap THE UK motor industry went through a most remarkable transformation between 1959 and […]

Car of the month : March 2004


March sees another Rover 75 make Car of the Month, but given that the owner, Leslie Button, also owns a rather nice Rover P6, it only seemed fair to feature both cars… The 75 and P6 together; evolution exemplified. It is almost as it the 800 and SD1 never happened! For sure, when the 75 […]

Car of the month : August 2003


August brings us a fine example of Solihull engineering at its best: the Rover P6B. The example featured this month belongs to Rover P6 Drivers’ Club archivist John Windwood, and is very much in rude health following a major (and necessary) restoration. Below is the story of this pretty Rover, and the compelling case for […]

Archive : How the Rover P6 is made

Rover P6

How the Rover 2000 is made A look at the Solihull assembly plant Having eulogised elsewhere in this issue about the present-day 2-litre P6 Rover, I thought I had better go up to the Solihull factory to see how these extremely popular cars are put together. This I did, towards the end of April, in […]