The cars : SIMCA 1100


Template of a supermini FOLLOWING the launch of the conventional 1300/1500 range at the Geneva Motor show in 1963, to replace the long-lived Aronde model, SIMCA turned its attention to developing a gap-bridging model to slot in between this and the baby Simca 1000. Therefore, it was a logical step for SIMCA to begin work […]

The cars : Talbot Wind


The Rancho might be the best known 1100 variant for fashionistas, but the Talbot Wind was an equally faddish flavour – for rather less money. The beach was probably the best place for this unfortunately named plaything. What a pick-up line he coachbuilders Heuliez were no strangers to the idea of converting the SIMCA 1100 […]

The cars : SIMCA 1200 Campero

Various SIMCAs were built in Spain, and the majority of these adhered to their French cousins. However, the Campero was unique to Spain. Graham Arnold tells its interesting story. Spanish fancy The SIMCA 1200 Campero was a Matra Rancho-type of vehicle built in Spain by a Chrysler Espa–a dealership in Madrid called Talleres Panades. It […]

The cars : Matra-Rancho

On the style trial France’s first serious attempt at a multi-purpose utility vehicle came not from one of its major car companies but from Matra, one of the few small-scale specialist producers based in the country. The Rancho was a result of Matra’s growing confidence from being under the corporate wing of Chrysler. The Bagheera […]

Hatchbacks : the forgotten generation

The Autobianch Primula - is this the true forerunner of the modern car?

Keith Adams I’m sitting here feeling a little sorry for myself, suffering from a pair of cracked ribs and a dented ego (yeah, I don’t practice what I preach when working on my cars) and, between bouts of writing for Octane, I’ve found myself going on a few car-related tangents. This one’s actually about the forgotten […]