Marques : Sterling


Sterling was created by Austin-Rover in the mid 1980s in order to ease Rover’s return to the USA. There might have been a sound reasoning behind the decision to create such a “British” marque, but poor marketing decisions and a lack of product quality killed Sterling dead before it ever had a chance to establish […]

Essay : The Sterling fixer

It’s the most unlikely of scenarios – you own a Rover 800 in the USA, and you need to find that frustatingly NLA part. Is your goose cooked? It’s not, according to Richard Truett, who’s tracked down the Sterling fixer… Charles, King of Sterling Dale Charles is your man if you live in the USA […]

News : The last Sterling for sale on eBay?

The last Sterling on sale on eBay

A former automotive journalist has decided to part with his Sterling 827SLi. The rare five-door in question was a former member of Sterling’s press fleet in the USA, and it’s claimed to be the last one ever sold in the States. 150,000 miles or so later, it can be a proud part of your fleet. […]

A year in the life of…

Here's how a typical winter day in Detroit starts out for my Rover 827 fastback: The car is encased in a snowy, icy mix. Once cleared, the Rover excels in winter driving. A good set of winter tires and the fat 16-inch Roversport wheels provide plenty of grip. The heater warms up the interior within 3 miles making for a cozy commute to work 16 miles away.

Richard Truett It’s been about a year since my rare USA spec 1990 Rover Sterling 827 Fastback returned to active duty. It has been a year of driving that reminded me that, if some BL/Rover products require a little more care than other brands of vehicles, at least you get paid back by driving a […]