Marques : Triumph Story – Part One


Triumph’s history was an interesting one but, following bankruptcy on the eve of World War II, it was left to The Standard Motor Company to pick up the baton and shape Triumph’s brave new world… A potted history Triumph was a relatively late entry into the arena in 1923, but the company had been a […]

Marques : Triumph Story, part two


Triumph: the winner that never was THE Triumph car company, like Rover, was a genuine British success story of the 1960s. From the low-point of being declared bankrupt in 1939 – and being picked up by Standard in 1945, the Triumph name had forged ahead. So much so, that from 1959 onwards all new Standards […]

Our Cars : Richard Truett’s Triumph Stag – Part 3


Richard Truett Not long ago, I leaned over the wing, looked into the Stag’s engine bay and all I saw was an abyss. Nothing fit. Nothing worked. Nothing lined up. Installing the proven and reliable Triumph 2.5-litre six into the Stag was the easy part of my summer Stag project. And it is where my […]

Our Cars : Richard Truett’s Triumph Stag – Part 1

Triumph Stag project

My Summer of Stag: Confronting The Fear The freshly painted black 1973 Triumph Stag standing in front of me is taken so far apart that it’s making me nervous. In my 35 years of restoring classic cars, I have never owned one so disassembled. Right now, the Stag is little more than a just a […]

Drive story : Triumph TR8 across America

The TR8 resting after a fill-up

Florida red eye Richard Truett I’m on the verge of being sacked at work. It’s just days from my 52nd birthday and I’m getting married in less than three months. There’s really only one thing that will help me sort all this: a solo road trip in my 1981 Triumph TR8. Long, lonely hours behind the wheel […]

Tickford’s Triumph : 1982 Stag upgrade

Tickford Triumph Stag (2)

David Richard Nener Tickford was asked in 1982 to upgrade a Black 1975 Triumph Stag for a customer, and it is the only one they fully did. He wanted it more luxurious and eye catching together with faster and more aggressive looking. The engine was suitably modified and a less restrictive Stainless exhaust fitted. The […]

Tested : TR7 vs Beta vs X1/9 vs Alfasud Sprint

Triumph TR7 vs Lancia Beta Coupe vs Fiat X1/9 vs Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint

Seven of the best The Triumph TR7 was misunderstood when new and lacked a certain something, but has since emerged as one of the classic car industry’s most enduring starter cars. But Keith Adams wonders if cheap parts and simple mechanics are enough to make the TR7 a better bet than the vivacious Italian opposition… […]

Unsung Heroes : Triumph Acclaim

The Acclaim stacked up well against its rivals. But not well enough...

Billed as the car that was totally equipped to Triumph, the Acclaim was really the marque’s last chance saloon. And in the end, the Acclaim failed to bolster Triumph enough after its launch in 1981 to save it from oblivion. And as Keith Adams explains, it was through no fault of its own. The end […]

News : It was 30 years ago…


Keith Adams The final Triumph TR sports car rolled off the line at Solihull exactly 30 years ago this week. It’s difficult to believe that one of the UK’s most influential sporting lines has been out of production now for some three decades – especially considering its enduring popularity, but when that final TR7 emerged […]

Police cars : Triumph

Like their counterparts Rover, Triumph had long been suppliers of cars to the Police, ableit less prodigiously, for many years prior to the 1968 merger. Here we see a couple of models that were still in demand during the 1970s. Triumph Dolomite A Triumph Dolomite of the West Yorkshire Force. Triumph 2000/2500 A Metropolitan Police […]

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph Fury

THE Triumph Fury was a little more than a motorshow crowd pleaser – it was a hint at what Triumph could really achieve with its sports car range during the Sixties. ROBERT LEITCH put together this story for the website, explaining how the Fury came about… Fury: an E-type for the masses AN article by […]