The cars : Triumph 1300/Toledo/Dolomite


Small but perfectly formed THE Dolomite development story is one of the most interesting and unusual ones that you will come across on this website – benefitting from several twists and turns along the way. Although development started normally enough, things moved in the most interesting way once the car was long into its production […]

People : Harry Webster on the Triumph 1300

Triumph 1300

Autocar 18 February 1966 Triumph 1300 Harry Webster Talks To Ronald Barker About Its Background And Evolution Ronald Barker – My first question, Mr Webster, is when did you initiate the 1300 project? Harry Webster – About three years ago, I suppose – anyhow, some time after the Leyland takeover. Ronald Barker – So this […]

The Converters : Panther Rio

Panther Rio (1)

Bob Jankel of Panther had the great idea of building a luxury car based on the Triumph Dolomite… Panther Westwinds had been set-up by fashion designer Bob Jankel to produce expensive and bespoke cars for the customer that wanted something entirely different. His previous products included the (Jaguar-esque) J72 and (Ferrari-esque) FF, which were both […]

Triumph 1300 : Autocars Israel

The Triumph 1300 was built in Israel by Autocars in a small-scale CKD operation. No doubt, the sophisticated little Triumph was seen as an effective upward expansion of the range… The Michelotti-deisgned, front-wheel-drive Triumph 1300/1500 was assembled in Israel by Autocars between 1967 and 1973, from original British parts. At that time, the Israeli market […]

Triumph 1300>Dolomite timeline

The bloodline of Triumph’s popular small saloon, the Dolomite, can be traced back to the front-wheel-drive Triumph 1300 of the mid-Sixties. This timeline charts the key points in the development of the range, right up to the point where it gave way to the Honda Ballade-based Triumph Acclaim. Year Event Picture 1965 Michelotti-styled Triumph 1300 […]

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph 1300

The 1300 was a vitally important car for Triumph. It is clear from the number of attempts to get the styling right that the company wasn’t taking any chances – and Michelotti obliged by producing a fantastic looking product. Michelotti styling sketches Nearing completion Thanks to Ian Nicholls and Graham Arnold for the pictures

In production : Triumph

The 1960s were an exciting time for Triumph, which saw great expansion at the Canley factory. Below are some photographs taken at the 180,000 cars-per-year facility, as well as some at the sister plant in Speke. Triumph TR6 Toledo These early two-door Toledos were built at the Speke factory. Dolomite 2000/2500 Stag Pictures kindly supplied […]

Marques : Triumph Story, part two


Triumph: the winner that never was THE Triumph car company, like Rover, was a genuine British success story of the 1960s. From the low-point of being declared bankrupt in 1939 – and being picked up by Standard in 1945, the Triumph name had forged ahead. So much so, that from 1959 onwards all new Standards […]

Tested : Austin 1300 vs Triumph 1300

There’s a lot of talk about premium small cars these days – here are two that were playing the game 35 years ago… First published in Classic Car Weekly in November 2005, RICHARD GUNN pitted the Austin 1300GT against its upmarket in-house rival, the Triumph 1300TC… Brotherly rivals Introduction Ah, ‘GT’ and ‘TC’, two magical […]

Why we love the… Dolomite Sprint

Michael Wynn-Williams on the Dolomite Sprint… In seventeenth century Paris there was a certain courtesan whose beguiling power was the ruination of many a young man. Her favourite pastime was to seduce youthful aristocrats, suck them dry of their fortunes and then discard them like broken toys. I sympathise with those young men, for I […]