The cars : Triumph 2000/2500 development history


Triumph’s early 1960s future looked far from assured, but thanks to the launch of the Herald in 1959, it looked a whole lot brigher than once-dominant Standard’s. So it’s no surprise that when the company formulated plans to replace the full-sized Vanguard range, it would feature Triumph signature Michelotti styling, and that all important matching […]

In production : Triumph

The 1960s were an exciting time for Triumph, which saw great expansion at the Canley factory. Below are some photographs taken at the 180,000 cars-per-year facility, as well as some at the sister plant in Speke. Triumph TR6 Toledo These early two-door Toledos were built at the Speke factory. Dolomite 2000/2500 Stag Pictures kindly supplied […]

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph 2000/2500

Some photos taken during the Triumph 2000′s development programme… Project Zebu Project Barb Project Innsbruck 2000 fastback

Marques : Triumph Story, part two


Triumph: the winner that never was THE Triumph car company, like Rover, was a genuine British success story of the 1960s. From the low-point of being declared bankrupt in 1939 – and being picked up by Standard in 1945, the Triumph name had forged ahead. So much so, that from 1959 onwards all new Standards […]

Connections : Carbodies

Operating from their factory at Holyhead Road in Coventry since 1928, the coachbuilders Carbodies built up an enviable reputation within the motor industry both for the quality of their work and their ability to produce cost-effective tooling. Over the years, almost all of the British car manufacturers made use of Carbodies’ expertise in one capacity […]