The cars : Triumph Stag development history


Even before it fell out of production in 1977, the Triumph Stag was regarded to be a classic car – it had everything: looks, power, a soundtrack to die for, and a certain sector of the market all to itself… Yet it died after a short production run, and drove many of its first owners […]

Our Cars : Richard Truett’s Triumph Stag – Part 3


Richard Truett Not long ago, I leaned over the wing, looked into the Stag’s engine bay and all I saw was an abyss. Nothing fit. Nothing worked. Nothing lined up. Installing the proven and reliable Triumph 2.5-litre six into the Stag was the easy part of my summer Stag project. And it is where my […]

Our Cars : Richard Truett’s Triumph Stag – Part 1

Triumph Stag project

My Summer of Stag: Confronting The Fear The freshly painted black 1973 Triumph Stag standing in front of me is taken so far apart that it’s making me nervous. In my 35 years of restoring classic cars, I have never owned one so disassembled. Right now, the Stag is little more than a just a […]

Tickford’s Triumph : 1982 Stag upgrade

Tickford Triumph Stag (2)

David Richard Nener Tickford was asked in 1982 to upgrade a Black 1975 Triumph Stag for a customer, and it is the only one they fully did. He wanted it more luxurious and eye catching together with faster and more aggressive looking. The engine was suitably modified and a less restrictive Stainless exhaust fitted. The […]

In production : Triumph

The 1960s were an exciting time for Triumph, which saw great expansion at the Canley factory. Below are some photographs taken at the 180,000 cars-per-year facility, as well as some at the sister plant in Speke. Triumph TR6 Toledo These early two-door Toledos were built at the Speke factory. Dolomite 2000/2500 Stag Pictures kindly supplied […]

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag might have started on a Michelotti-penned whim, but it was developed into a potential world-beater by the engineers and designers at Canley. Here are some images of the Stag’s development from concept car towards production – and the still-born three-door coupé version. From 2000 to Stag, via Michelotti Coupé version

Triumph Stag : Bought in the USA


The Triumph Stag officially exported to the USA in very tiny numbers – and in many ways, it was the perfect market for the divine looking grand tourer. We all know why it never caught on… RICHARD TRUETT brought one over to the USA to add to his growing collection of Triumph Dolomites – and […]

Triumph Stag : Cylinder head removal

The Triumph Stag’s cylinder heads aren’t known for their longevity or strength… And our man in Detroit has found this out to his cost. But thanks to the right specialist, he’s a happy man again with a working engine in his stag again. Words and photography: Richard Truett Total Flow saves the day LAST fall […]

Marques : Triumph Story, part two


Triumph: the winner that never was THE Triumph car company, like Rover, was a genuine British success story of the 1960s. From the low-point of being declared bankrupt in 1939 – and being picked up by Standard in 1945, the Triumph name had forged ahead. So much so, that from 1959 onwards all new Standards […]

Sports car projects : Triumph


The Michelotti Bullet & Lynx Entering the 1970s, Triumph decided on a two-pronged attack on the sports car market: Bullet was the TR6 replacement incorporating, like the Stag, a roll-over bar and T-bar. Lynx was the closed coupé, to replace the GT6. Like all Triumphs since the Herald in 1959 (and excluding the Karmann-designed TR6), […]